7 emotions you feel when you are angry


When you’re feeling angry, anger is not the emotion. Feeling angry only shows that you do not want to show how#vulnerable you are. One of the real feelings that get you to react with anger is: feeling ignored. It shows up when the people around you do not acknowledge you or your opinion.


When someone tries to show you how insignificant or unimportant you are, or your opinion is what they are trying to tell you in essence is that to them you are #worthless. Pretty good reason to get angry, right?


Gossip, backstabbing and false accusations – the favorite recipe of your #frenemies for ruining your life. No wonder you feel angry about it. It’s not fair.


Whenever you feel like you can’t do anything about the situation you are in and that you must make a compromise with yourself, with what you want – you feel #angry. That anger comes from your unhappiness that you are put into a situation you can’t do anything about. Or can you?


If you want to avoid feeling bad about something the best thing you can do is get angry at someone else who does what you do, or does what you would have wanted to do but didn’t. Yet wanted to. But didn’t because if you had done it – you would have felt guilty. Like for example – cheating on your boyfriend with that hot guy that took your breath away. You wouldn’t do it because it’s immoral and you will #judge twice as hard the women who do what you didn’t but wanted to.


When a thought is stuck into your mind, an unhealthy thought like: No one loves me; No one cares about me; I am all alone in this world… What that thought really says about you is that you think you’re #unlovable. Unfortunately with this thought in your mind, you’ll either push people away and get angry that you were right all along, or you will find someone who will not give you “undeserved” love and you’ll get angry again.


I would call it rightful anger if your boyfriend cheated on you; the man you have a crush on does not return your feelings, or even worse – mocks them, or rejects you publicly; if you were dumped by your long term boyfriend, or he prefers his buddies over you. But the real feeling is not anger, it’s vulnerability from being rejected.

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