Activate the HIGH Vibration You need for the


in EVERY AREA of Your Life

Get ready to SUPERCHARGE every fiber of your body with the WISDOM of everything that you want.

STOP sending mixed messages to the Universe and START getting everything that you ever dreamed of!  

I absolutely LOVE to know that there is NO limit to the abundance of Love, Happiness, Health, Finances and Fun that you can have in your life. There is no limit at all! BUT. Here’s the thing: as long as you are with low vibes coming from heavy thoughts and actions you CAN’T have it all. Whether you realize it or not – you are sending mixed messages to the Universe. You can repeat or keep writing messages to the Universe, and keep repeating affirmations over and over and over again … but if you stay in the low, heavy energy – your REQUESTS can literally NOT go far. Even, they may go NOWHERE at all! So, you MUST raise your vibration and to do just that you’ve got to clean and supercharge the cells of your body with THIS simple and most powerful ritual.

This DIVINE Receiving Ritual is BEST for asking for ANYTHING that your heart wants! 

But the thing is: YOU MUST ASK FOR IT and NOT ask for the opposite.

You must get out of your own way by DISCONTINUING to send mixed messages to the Universe.

You need to RAISE your vibration and CLEAN the unclean energy inside of you… inside every sell of your body. 

sparkle of God

… With this Divine Receiving Ritual you’ll connect with your Source of never ending STRENGTH and BLESSINGS. There is ONE night in the entire year which is TRULY MAGICAL when what you wish for Can Manifest Into Your Life Faster than you can Imagine.

Are You Longing for Something that ain’t Happening For You no matter how hard you try to get it or how positive you stay or how much you believe in the Law of Attraction?

Is it Money in the Bank, Health, Love, Relationships, New Surge of Clients for Your business, Piece of Mind from Worries … a magical wand that can get all the things that are not Ok in your life to Simply Vanish from your Path?


Let me Tell You Something!

Not most but ALL Law of Attraction rituals ask you to create time in your day to do them. And you must not forget to do them every day. Isn’t this boring and tiresome?

There is a better way! You don’t have to do anything different in your life. You don’t have to wake up early, or meditate, or write your affirmations on all glass surfaces in your home, or repeat them numerous times, or write them on a piece of paper…

Good things in life should just come into being EFFORTLESSLY. Otherwise it just feels like MORE work. Rituals are supposed to fit into your life. Imagine that you are already vibrating the type of energy that allures into your life what you desire the most. IF you already had all that vibe – will you be sitting down, writing 100 times your affirmation?

NO, you will not! You will JUST Know it. And this Divine Receiving ritual helps you get the “just knowing it” message to every cell of your body. And when you become ONE with your entire body, you’ll be sending your requests to the Universe not from a single neuron in your brain but with your entire body .. in fact with all your 3 bodies: mental, emotional and physical.

That’s why…

Only by uniting your Emotions, Thoughts and Physical body you will be able to send POWERFULLY your requests to the Universe … And the Universe WILL listen to you!

All you have to do is: show up at the right time and do the right things in the right order. Ah, and you’ve got to do one more thing – relax and have fun doing the ritual.


EVERYONE is talking about manifestations. They all try and teach you what to do and how to do it. But they don’t use the ONE TOOL that makes it all possible faster than the SPEED OF LIGHT.

Asking for what you want has never been difficult. I feel blessed with what has come my way in just the last 3 months but I can’t brag about it …

… because it actually happened, it has made my heart sing with gladness but …

… it is against the Universal Laws to brag about the GIFTS you have received.

Instead, I want to PAY IT FORWARD and help you bring some GOOD Karma to your life.

With this ritual – if you want more than anything MORE Money or LOVE – then ASK for it on the night of June 20th at the right time of the ritual!

…. And you can expand to asking for pretty much everything you ever wanted during that night… 

If you want to get it right, you’ve got to get your hands on this ritual TODAY …

You’ll need to read through it so that you know WHEN to do WHAT. And to make it easy for you, I’m going to do what no one else is doing.

I’m NOT just going to give you a few tip and tricks…

… If you are advanced Law of Attraction practitioner, you’ll love the additional visualizations I’ll tell you to do so that you CHANNEL on your own Your Own Connection with the Divine Source of Good Things Coming Your Way!

… Even if you are not, or if you have tried different things that may or may not have worked, this ritual on this day is SPECIAL. It involves a challenge you must OVERCOME and even without the visualizations – this is a VERY POWERFUL ritual.

I kid you NOT. You can have your own MAGIC WAND of manifestation. (It is not a literal want, you won’t be able to guess what the secret tool for this ritual is. But I’ll give you a hint – it’s everywhere you go and it’s around you all the time.)

I’ll tell you how to do this ritual every full moon from now on over and over and over again… asking and receiving new things in life…

And THIS is the right way to ask for things because your SOUL knows EXACTLY what you need to be happy and if you CONNECT with it and ASK from the heart for what you want … your soul, all angels to whom you are entrusted for help and guardianship the Universe will be ALL EARS for what you have to say and ALL HANDS ON DESK to deliver your greatest good.

It’s all coming from the heart! And it’s the HEART that most manifestors forget, and the connection between the spark of the Divine which you are and the human experience you have chosen for you.

Get this Divine Receiving Ritual TODAY for only $11.11

(Read on to find out why this ritual is $11.11 and not more!)

After that time – it’s not going to be the same energy and you might have lost the CHANCE you’ve been waiting for…



… Let me let you in on a secret

You already ARE a manifestor and you already are manifesting.

Everything you think about materializes. Every single thought. The good, the bad and the ugly.

While you manifest on autopilot your life experiences become entangled and chaotic… or as I like to call it: it SUCKS to be you.

I didn’t want this for me and I changed my focus. Now it’s your turn.

I want for you to HAVE IT ALL 🙂

But in order for YOUR GREATEST GOOD to come into being, you’ll need to perform this ritual on the night of the 20th.

And let me tell you my secret….

I was asked a few days ago … way before I even had this inspiration to share this ritual with you – someone asked me:

Do you believe in life purpose. And of course I do. But for me it’s different. The way I see it – I have this responsibility. It’s really, kind of a duty

My J.O.B. is to multiply the good energy of the world by helping people to raise their vibrations.

… and I’m lazy. I only do something when I’m divinely inspired to do so…

And it’s more practical. When I’ve got to do something – I am nicely asked by receiving an inspiration to do so.

So, my dear, this Divine Receiving ritual has been REQUESTED for you. Instead of going out on a Friday evening I’ve been walking from point A to point B and typing this letter for you..

And it’s only $11.11!



Do you know why exactly $11.11?

I BELIEVE in Divine Receiving more than you can imagine!

The angel number 1111 is signifies that your Guides and Angels are trying to contact you! Seeing this number is not an accident!

Take a deep breath, quiet your mind, and try to find out what is the messages your guides and angels have for you. It may come as an inspiration, or a sudden thought that just popped into your mind.

Seeing 11:11 on a regular basis is most often experienced by those who have begun their spiritual journeys, or are about to embark on a journey of discovery. If you haven’t yet started seeing 11:11, the fact that you’re reading this page, means it may soon begin to appear.

Maybe you need to do something about your situation. Maybe it’s time for you to take life into your hands and mold it and shape it into what you dreamed it to be  .. and leave it to your Guides and Angels to realign the entire Universe so that your reality turns even better than what you dreamed it to be. Maybe THE step or the FIRST step towards getting what you want is on the checkout page of this letter… waiting for you to find your first instructions that will lead you on the most important journey of your life!

This is the journey towards connecting with your Soul and with your Guides and Angels. This is THE Ritual which EFFORTLESSLY helps you to TUNE INTO finally hearing the DIVINE GUIDANCE which your angels are itching to give you! And it is THE Ritual that helps you to become a VIBRATIONAL SUPERNOVA that is CONNECTED with the Universe?

And don’t we all need connections to get ahead in life?

Start changing your life Today!


As soon as you checkout you’ll be directed to the page where THE ritual is described in detail.

See you on the other side of this page,