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I cannot describe you how thrilled I am to wait and see what this ritual brings into your life. So, once you start getting your requests to the Universe manifested in the best way possible, I’ll be expectantly waiting on the edge of my chair just to hear WHAT HAPPENED.

So, please do not forget to tell me how your life has changed for the better. Without much ado, read the instructions below and DO the ritual.

Here’s the gist of it:

❁❁❁How you can do the ritual during the day❁❁❁

The simplest way to get this ritual to work for you all the time is to choose an affirmation. Turn what you most want to happen to you in your life into a positive statement. For example:  I am a Divine creation. I am a piece of God. I deserve. Every time you drink water (do not substitute the water in this ritual with anything else) – look at the water and repeat a few times the affirmation. Then drink the water. The wisdom you told the water is going to go through it to every cell of your body. In this way your WISH is not going to stay in your head only but in your entire body. The more water you drink, the more you’ll energize and get to vibrate in the frequency of what you want.

❁❁❁How to do the ritual during the evening – for beginners❁❁❁

Part 1: At midnight take a glass or metal container (could be a pot) and fill it up with water. If possible go to your balcony. If not – set a place in your home. Sit down and center yourself through breathing, meditation, prayer… whatever makes you calm. When you feel that you are ready – look into the water. You should be able to see your reflection.

Imagine yourself as a small child. You find everything exciting, you want to test and try everything. Channel that desire to experience and to have everything you set your mind to and look at the water. Start talking about what you want. Start with: I want ….

❁ If you want a new relationship  – explain how would that new person in your life look like, what they would do for you, what you would do for them, what kind of qualities he or she will have, what you will do together, how he will make you feel … and don’t forget to mention somewhere there all four aspects of a relationship: physical, emotional, financial and spiritual.

❁ If you want more money – make sure you mention how much money you want, why do you want them, what you would spend them on, what will you do to earn them.

❁ If you want to loose weight, or live a healthy lifestyle or regain your health – then describe what the healthy, vibrant you would do, how would it feel, how would you look like.

There is no limit to what you can ask. Just keep asking. There are three things you’ve got to pay attention to when asking:

1. Ask for positive things only. Don’t go into “not wanting your bad situation any more”. Talk about the positive direction in life that you would want to have.

2. Don’t ask for someone else to do something, or change something. ONLY ask for yourself and for YOUR greater good. It is not your job how things will happen, it is not your job to tell the Universe what is good for you.

Trust me, the Universe knows so much better than you what is best for you. When you get what you most want you will be surprised at how much more perfect is the results that you receive. #TheUniverseAlwaysOverdelivers!

3. Concentrate on ONE thing. The thing that if you had it in your life will make the most difference and after which all else will fall into place. Is it love? Is it money? Is it health? Talk to the water in as much detail as possible about what is it that you want. And when you’ve done coming up with ideas, imagine some more. Remember, whatever you order tonight will come to you!

After you have literally exhausted the topic of your BIGGEST Dream, move on to asking other things. There is really no limit as to how long you should talk to the water. Just keep in mind that here you are asking. So, you should be asking for what you want. You should be NAMING what would make you happy. That means that there is no place for affirmations or any sentences starting with: I am.

4. ACTUALLY Talk! Do not Think your dreams into reality because it will not work. Do not whisper your dreams to the water – it will not hear you. Loud and clear state what you want. It’s that simple.

5. Finish talking to the water with: And so shall be!

Part 2: Watch the SUNRISE. This is the One time in the year when the sun energy is the strongest and the shamans believe that the energies on this day are magical. So, after you are done with talking to the water you can do two things. Whichever one you choose will be dependent on how you feel it.

❁ If you can, stay awake till the morning in silent meditation around the water. This is what makes the water “Silent Water“. I’ll tell you all about it in a bit

❁ If you can’t stay with the water after you are done talking. How long you will stay – you’ll feel it. Then do to bed but wake up before the sunrise. And watch it.

Why talking to water and what does “Silent Water” mean

It is scientifically proven that the water has a crystalline structure which responds to the energy of the environment in which it is. In order for you to get to a higher vibration so that the Divine Help can reach you, you’ll need to change the memory, or the program of every single cell of your body.

To do that – you’ll need to 1. change the crystalline structure of the water you are drinking and 2. drink that water which will go to every fiber of your body and change its low level vibes into something special. If you want to – search on the internet about the healing power of water.

Silent water is – when you have told what it is that you want to the water, it needs some time to restructure its molecules to match the information that it was given.

❁❁❁How to do the ritual during the evening – for advanced manifestors ❁❁❁

You will need to do the same as the beginners. But there are two additions. The first one is that you’ll need to do the ritual while you are closer to nature. If at all possible – be outside for this ritual. When you center yourself for the first half of the ritual – imagine that you are in a forest. Imagine what are the sounds, how thick is the forest, are you able to see in the dark, are the stars on the night sky. Look at the moon as well. Imagine that you clear some space for a fire. Then you gather some twigs to light up a small fire. When you light up the fire circle around it in the form of a dance. Whichever feels goof to you – do it.

Then, sit down by the fire and start talking to the water in the pot. When all done, imagine that you go to the end of the the forest and there is a beach. Sit down on the beach and meditate in waiting for the morning to come.

Very Important! The next day: drink that water.

And 7 more days after that: every evening, after sunset talk to the water, magnetize it. Now you can use affirmations if you want to, or positive thoughts that you like. Then leave it outside! or on the balcony so that it “sleeps on it”. And the next day drink that water.

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