Do you want to get married … soon?

I used to think that to get a man to want to marry you is hard: you’ve got to impress him, you’ve got to be compatible, his friends should like you, his family should accept you, sex should be awesome… Lots of shoulds!

Then a friend of mine said: none of this matters. A man either wants to marry you with all your cute little flaws or not. What you need to do is – attract into your life the man who WANTS to propose to you, not bribe, beg, manipulate, change the man you have into a man who wants to propose.

So how do you do that? It’s so easy and I can’t believe WHY don’t all women do it. You can attract a marriage proposal with or without a boyfriend in the horizon. In fact, my best friend did this series of small steps (we call them rituals, aren’t we) and she was coaching in a steady relationship where the man took his time to make her his wife. Within a few months a new man showed up, swept her off her feet, she broke it off with the ‘steady boyfriend’, got pregnant within a month from the breakup and married a month later. All in all – 6 months of knowing this man and she was married. Now she has two kids, is stay at home mom, and I believe that she found the love of her life ‘by accident’.

Anyways, I am coaching a lady who wants to find her soulmate, get married, have kids and live happily ever after. Tomorrow, 11 of February is both Full moon, and a Lunar Eclipse: the best time to send out wishes for miracles (something that you’ve been longing for a long time and not receiving it for a long time)!

I’m shooting the videos for the rituals for my client to do tomorrow. That picture you see is part of one of the rituals 😉 and an awesome one if I may say. Before I put that ritual up on my website, I’d appreciate some test subjects 🙂

Do you want to be my guinnea pig? Here’s what this entails: I’ll get the rituals on my website for $97 in a few weeks. If you want to do this ritual NOW and give me a testimonial for the series of videos:

  • the 5 different rituals  (one of them is super important)
  • plus 2 videos on what you do to repel marriage proposal and how to vibe the frequency of irresistible wife material

Then I’ll be happy to do it for a $20 for you. These videos are free for my client, but she’s at $327 a month with me, so it’s understandable that she gets additional trainings free of charge. I work with her to get her results, not to top up the sales, after all 🙂

How to get the videos for a $20:
1. Follow the paypal link:
2. After checkout you’ll be directed to the page with instructions on what you need to do in preparation for the rituals. You’ll need to request access to the page
3. Tomorrow, on the 11th – I’ll post the videos.
Only one of the rituals you must do on the 11th, the rest – you can do in a matter of days. But one of them is really important to do as described in the video.
4. I’ll check in with you in a few days to see what are the energy shifts that you notices since the ritual was done.

It’s really that simple 🙂

P.S. I look good in white, ain’t I?
P.P.S. These rituals are obviously for women 🙂 But, in every group I’ve had, there’s always one or two men who want the same thing for them – to attract a soulmate, to get married. If this is you, message me after checkout, to tell you what to do differently than the women in the group for the rituals.

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