Don’t Ask for Things!

Don’t ask for things, ask for opportunities.

Don’t just ask, ask, ask for divine blessings.

The Divine does not exist to please you but it will send you the divine energy you asked for.

Then, this is what will happen next: The divine will watch you closely how you use that energy.

If you use it for selfish reasons; if you use it to buy more things, to make more so that you can spend more, or you waste it and do nothing with it because you felt tired, or not in the mood, if you misuse it… then next time you won’t get that much benevolent energy.

You’ve got to really be careful what you wish for.

Not only you will get it but the Divine Energy but with it you will get all the karma that comes with: the good and the bad karma.. depending on what you asked for and how you used the divine guidance that came your way as a result of ASKING.

Don't ask for things, ask for opportunities

Learn how to ask and what to do with the energy you receive, with this divine receiving ritual.

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