Manifestation Mastery Live Event

Across the Most Beautiful Places on Earth

If you are dreaming of becoming the next highly paid coach who has massive impact, credibility and social status to go along with it, then this is THE event for you.

Specific “how to” steps to get you tangible results. Carefully curated attendees + locations. Inspiration and motivation to go out and become THE next It Girl in your industry.

In this one day event with Jessica, you will learn the latest and best strategies and tactics to leverage your personal brand to become the next highly sought after coach or online personality.

Successful Men and Women Have The Magic Touch.

Do you?

The Manifestation Mastery Live is a 1-day event for manifestation practitioners. In just one day you will discover and clarify what is special and different about you, what is stopping you big time and how to raise your vibrations so that you are a vibrational match to what you dream of and attract it to your life, finally.

Join the creator of Soulmate Attraction, Client Manifestation, Karma Balancing and your personal success coach, Tsceti Petrova for this exclusive event where you’ll get crystal clear on what your life and business need so that you are happily making a difference in the world, powerfully attracting the quality relarionahips in your life, both personal and professional, and growing closer to yourself and Source while releasing and letting go of the imperfect traits, circumstances, relationships from your life.

You’ll spend one full amazing day with me in a crash course in psychosomatically changing your biofield, your vibes and your life story so that you can make the money you deserve and form the relationships you want by standing out in the singles market. The process of making a ton of money and of attracting your soulmate us on and the same, just has to be followed differently to attract what you want.

You’ll be surrounded by other amazing and ambitious men and women just like you who have decided for themselves that now is the time to create a life you love, a business you’re proud of and relationships that are deeply fulfilling and enjoyable.

Be an Inspiration

Travel the World


Feel Confident

Every woman entrepreneur is capable of being and receiving so much more than she’s currently accepting as the status quo in her life and business, even, if she’s already tastes a level of success.

When you decide to significantly uplevel one or two things in your life and truly commit to making them happen, the rest of your life can’t help but follow suit.

This inspired growth makes you magnetic and fascinating to those who meet you. You can’t help but grow your client following.

And those new, higher standards? They’re now your “new normal!”

Now it’s time for you to experience the transformation Gina DeVee’s global clientele has powerfully received for years: rapid personal and professional success, including strengthening your confidence and charisma by discovering and owning your own Wow Factor in just two amazing days!


Questions? Chat with a Divine Living Team Member!

The WOW Factor Live Event is designed for You.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, blogger, wellness professional, life or business coach, personal branding expert, graphic designer, photographer, or just looking to leave your corporate job to become your own boss, you will gain tremendous knowledge and insight into yourself and your business at the Wow Factor Live Event on June 2nd and 3rd.

Not Making the Money That You Deserve or
Living Your Full Purpose?

If it’s time for a massive upgrade in your finances and wealth consciousness, your surroundings, your self-care, your entourage, your visibility and your JOY… You’re not alone!  The money story is one of the biggest stories on the planet.  However, living in financial struggle or lack is NOT your destiny.  You are meant to thrive in every way, including financially!  After all, how are you supposed to live with Wow Factor if you’re not supported financially?

Wow Factor requires financial abundance.  At this event you’ll be diving deep into transforming your money story plus learning how you can make money doing what you love.  It’s how the other women entrepreneurs are living the life of their dreams.  Now it’s your turn.

Is it time for a change?

If so… then YOU can and YOU will.

Meet Tsveti Petrova

She is the creator and founder of Divine Living, a women’s empowerment company dedicated to providing female entrepreneurs with the tools they need to live in financial, emotional, spiritual, and lifestyle abundance.

The approach that sets her apart from the other transformational coaches is elegant in its simplicity. While training women how to start and grow businesses by making money based on feminine principles, she also created the Divine Living Magazine, a luxury magazine for women entrepreneurs.

Ms. DeVee’s personal story is an evolution that took her life from ordinary to extraordinary. Employing the same strategies she teaches today, she grew from a psychotherapist making $24,000 a year to a sought-after life and success coach with an international following.

Why I created the WOW FACTOR Live Event

I Decided Invisibility Was No Longer Serving Me.

I believe that too many of us super talented women are too satisfied with admiring others live big lives.  I know this because it was true for me.  As a young woman, even though I dreamed of participating on the world stage, I just lived vicariously through those I looked up to…the women I perceived having Wow Factor.

As I worked on myself personally and professionally, I became more and more aware that EACH of us has an important role to play…and to live out our purpose we must bring forth the Wow Factor that dwells inside each and every one us.  Wow Factor isn’t about showing off and stealing the spotlight…far from it!

Wow Factor is that “special something” different that God placed inside each of us.

Ever since recognizing my true purpose, desires and calling in life… I began slowly learning WHO I was meant to serve, WHAT I was meant to do and HOW I desired to do it.

This WOW factor became my own unique essence, the substance that made my brand MINE and made it shine with success!

It took me a lot of years of playing small and being invisible, to wake up to my own potential.  I created the Wow Factor Live Event so you can get to the core and the heart of you quickly, be who you came here to be and do what you are meant to do in the world.


  • The exact step by step process to set yourself apart so your brand stands out so much it pops & as a result you reach more people, book more clients and PR opportunities.
  • Strategies for building and growing your following using advanced content marketing techniques that hardly ANYONE is talking about – yet!
  • Tap into a network you can leverage for life – Using networking tactics that allow you to be genuine and build meaningful, and mutually beneficial relationships with fellow influencers.
  • Build connections and collaborations rather than contempt and resentful competition.
  • Learn how to sell your packages and programs without having to be “salesy” using the power of personal branding, social media and your connections.
  • Inspiration and motivation. See firsthand that your dreams are possible from real life case studies. Geared to pump you up so you can go out into the world and make it happen!

How to Develop Wow Factor for You & Your Brand

  • We start by immediately getting clear on your desires and the role they play in your Wow Factor
  • How developing your Wow Factor is about being of service, not grabbing attention
  • Why you must know what WOWs your community so they will purchase your offers

High Paying Clients Are Attracted to Wow Factor

  • How to determine what your desires are exactly and be unapologetic about them
  • WHO do you need to become to manifest your desires and an amazing business?
  • Really getting that YOU are your brand and what is special and unique about you

Becoming the Expert with the Power of Photo Shoots

  • How to create fabulous photos without breaking the bank
  • 7 surprising things you Do and Don’t need for stunning photos
  •  Discover how you can have your photos communicate your brand message powerfully

Design a Social Media System that Creates a Huge Following

  • How your Social Media plan will establish your expert status
  • How to communicate your message through all social media platforms
  • The surprising use of professional shot videos and selfie videos too!

Spirituality + Connection with God + Serving Others

  • Why understanding you don’t have to figure this all out by yourself is so important
  •  How the secret to Wow Factor is about tapping into Source and a Higher Power
  •  Discover what it looks and feels like when you are Divinely inspired and guided

Evening Soiree…Time to have fun!

We finish Day One with an early evening cocktail party so we can all mix and mingle and get to know all the amazing women (and men) who’ve joined us from around the world!

What else:

  • Cocktail reception after the event to mingle with Jessica and other attendees to solidify your new found connections.
  • Handpicked beautiful (and instagram worthy) locations. I hate conferences where the room is dark, the energy is low, the location & food just isn’t up to standard!
  • I truly feel we learn best when we are in environments that light us up and inspire us which is why all the locations are places where I personally love and know are up to It Girl Standards (ie. fun, interesting and not too stuffy!)
  • Unique content tailored to you – before each event every participant will have the opportunity to fill in a welcome form so Jessica knows your unique business beforehand, so she can tailor the content on the day to what will best serve the audience.

SO MANY Inspiring Locations To Choose From:

Reserve your spot Now because space is limited and many, many people with advanced manifestation abilities, just like me, plan their travel calendars a year ahead and set the date, then focus on manifesting alignment of events to make things happen and voila. Things happen.

FEBRUARY 11, 2016 | 10 AM to 6PM

LONDON, UK – Early Bird
MARCH 04, 2016 | 10 AM to 6PM

APRIL 15, 2016 | 10 AM to 6PM

MAY 06, 2016 | 10 AM to 6PM

JUNE 03, 2016 | 10 AM to 6PM

JULY 15, 2016 | 10 AM to 6PM

AMALFI, ITALY –  Early Bird
AUGUST 19, 2016 | 10 AM to 6PM

SEPTEMBER 09, 2016 | 10 AM to 6PM

DUBAI, UAE – Early Bird
OCTOBER 14, 2016 | 10 AM to 6PM

NOVEMBER 18, 2016 | 10 AM to 6PM

DECEMBER 16, 2016 | 10 AM to 6PM
*Tickets are non-refundable however they can be transferred to a friend or another location.