Do You Know What to Do to Invite and Keep Prosperity, Abundance and Well-being into Your Life?

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Come, join me on the “Games of Prosperity” livecast: a 4 part group coaching training,  and in just a few filled with experience and positive changes hours you will leave with all the tools and resources you need to bring into being your prosperity, abundance and well-being.

“Games of Prosperity” is a 4-part group coaching livecast where you will learn what to do, in order to ALLOW the abundance of love, health and money in your life, how to change your thinking and your mindset, in order to ELIMINATE the actions that are blocking you, the energies and influences on your path to success and blissfullness and how to FREE yourself from the scarcity mentality for ever!

When: Saturday, August 13
What time: 10am PST/ 1pm EST/ 6pm GMT

For whom: This 4 part group coaching livecast is for those who do not want to ever again live in scarcity of love, finances or health. It is for those who are ready to change their situation once and for all, here and now!

How much: The price of your participation and of my work is $197 and if you sign up now there is an early bird discount of 20%

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In the livecast masterclass “Games of Prosperity” you will learn:

  • How to attract money energy into your life, how to never be left with no money in your pocket … ever, how the energy of money works and what to do to get them to come into our life
  • The 10 tested and working rituals for attracting material wellbeing in your life
  • What thoughts and feelings sabotage you in your life and how to change them; how you stop yourself and bloc the positive energy and the opportunities to come to you
  • Some easy coaching techniques for change of your mindset towards life and for the attraction of abundance, prosperity and well-being, which you will take home as wisdom which you can apply from now on every time you need it.
  • What is the spiritual meaning of illnesses and what is the lesson you are learning through them. What does that say about the direction in life that you are on .
  • What are the signs of the Universe and how to be sure you are on the right path
  • The exact sequence of activities to find your true love through activating the energy of Love.

AND ALSO … how to connect with your inner self, which is always on your side and always knows what’s best for you. This is needed for you to learn to ask your inner self for guidance instead of asking someone else how to live your life!

On the “Games of Prosperity” livecast I will teach you what to do, so that you attract abundance, prosperity and well-being, I will ask you the questions, which will provoce the change in your mindset, I will give you coaching instruments which will give you momentum towards the change for the better.

I am Tsveti Petrova, a professionally certified coach with International Coach Academy. My heart is in teaching people how to connect to their inner voice, how to materialize their desires and how to create their own miracles.

I invite you to change your life for the better and to do something NOW!

And ONE more thing: For private coaching, where I pay personal attention to your mindset and obstacles in life, which need to be overcome, it is needed 3 months of engagement, which includes 4 one on one coaching calls with duration 60 minutes, followed through follow up messages.

The price for private coaching is $500 a month or $1200 if paid in full or on 2 equal installments, spread 30 days apart.