“Gifts” which you should return

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Do you want to  deal with people in your life who are:
*** overly critical, finding fault with just about everything
*** chronic complainers, they always have something to whine about.
*** quick to argue and must always be right even if they are totally not.
*** demanding and persistent especially when they put you in charge of doing their job, or taking responsibility for their actions
*** constantly blaming others for their problems

…and still be the Nice Person that you are. There is no reason to allow their problems to become yours. And I’d like to coach you how to achieve that.

When someone tells you – you need to be “more feminine”, you can get offended or you can accept it as truth and go ahead and spend tons of money to “fix” that. In reality, every person who tells you something that qualifies you

– the kind of person you are,

– the kind of things you have or don’t have,

– the kind of behavior that you have,

– what you can or can’t do

… is actually revealing a part of themselves that they do not want to face. If they what they  they tell you about THEIR OWN struggles.

If a woman tells you – you are not feminine enough – what they are telling you is that this is their own struggle but they are too stuck in it to see it so they “see it” in you. But this doesn’t have to be the truth. They might tell you that “you will never amount to anything”, “you’re to not that smart”, “you are not good enough”, “you’ve always been a failure”, “nobody would ever care about you”, “you don’t deserve to be loved”, “you are despicable”, “you never get anything right”, “you’re not worth it”…. Maybe they are talking about their own unsuccessful careers, relationships, failed dreams, fear to venture out on their own and try to succeed.

There might be some grain of truth in these harsh words. Or maybe not. The thing is – you can doubt if they are true, explore to see if there is evidence that they are true and if they are not gift them back to the sender. Return to them that bad version of yourself that they see.

Make a list of things people told you that have really hurt you. Join the group coaching program and let’s get you through the process of returning of unwanted gifts and starting to live free, happy and peaceful life.

Return to Sender Group Coaching Program
Return to Sender Group Coaching Program
Your heart is heavy with the accusations or demands of others on you? Your stomach is churning with worry and bad vibes from what you've been told? Let me help you feel better NOW to restore your inner Harmony.
Price: $97.00

P.S. The critiques, insults, mistreatment, wrong perceptions of you and the others, that you receive and do not return, but keep as true in your life are literally making you sick. Don’t allow it it. Let me teach you how


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