How to solve your problems in life in 7 simple steps

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If you want to change your life, you’ve got to change the vibration you are offering into the world. It is really THAT simple. The process to go through a vibrational transformation is like learning to walk. After a few times going through it – you’ll be like a pro in solving your problems.

The 7 steps are:

  1. Wake up from the nightmare

It is time to realize what is the price you pay for not fixing the thing that is stopping you from living your best life ever. What is the toll your problem takes in your life?

2. Stitch the situation

Many people make the HUGE mistake to think that as soon as they figure out what’s the problem they can solve it. Au contraire mon ami! The first thing you need to do is work on entangling your drama and making small, but immediate changes to your situation.

3. Connect the dots between cause and effect in your situation

Find out WHY is this happening to you. What is causing it.

4. Recognize the vibration you offer

You cause things to happen in your life and I’ll teach you to recognize how you create all of this with your way of thinking, your automatic reactions, and your predominant feelings.

5. Look at what’s the real problem behind the problem

Everyone’s problem can be boiled down to one single sentence, a single core belief about who they are. Without knowing the full context of how that core belief rules your entire life, you may even read it somewhere or hear it somewhere and not really recognize it.

6. Solve THAT problem and change your vibration

This is where the miracles happen. As soon as you realize what’s the core of your matrix of thinking – you will open your eyes to exactly how that sentence has ruled and ruined your life for years. Only at that point it is good for you to change that thought so that your vibration changes.

7. Start ASKing for what you want from the vibration which is supporting your fast vibrational manifestation.

When people around you start telling you: “There’s something different about you. A certain je ne sais quoi but you look really great”, then you’re obviously doing something right: you are sending a message to the world that: I FEEL good. Life is GOOD and the Universe responds with MORE situations to feel good and more situations and people where your life is good. Of course there is a method to how to ask.



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