How to turn thoughts into money in your wallet

So, you’ve been doing wealth consciousness affirmations. Have they brought you the wealth of bank notes with big denomination bills into your wallet? See, I know that you know what you want the money for but as hard as you try with the positive thinking, the affirmations, the checks from the Universe – the money are not coming in. Wanna know why?



Your thoughts turn into things and if you want MORE money and you don’t have enough money, what you vibration is really sending out to the Universe is: I do not have enough money and I want more of what I do not have. And guess what? The Universe is sending you more of what you don’t have.

What you need is to break loose of your focus on your current reality. Your reality is already the result of attracting that which you do not  want. To get different results, you need to play different game. Play the Prosperity Game 2.0. 

To do that, you’ll need to join the Secret Facebook Group and follow the instructions there. We’ll teach you how to have FUN attracting money, changing your current financial situation and creating through manifestation the comfortable life you’ve always dreamed of!

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P.S. If things have not worked in your favor financially so far – you’ve got to join this group of deliberate manifestors NOW! Waiting will only keep you where you are right now – unhappy with all that you continue to not have. If you want a different life for you, know that it will not magically appear in your life without you doing something about it. If what you’ve done so far hasn’t worked for you – come on board the Prosperity Game.

P.P.S. Do you want to know why the Prosperity Game 2.0 is $11.11? When you see this number: 11:11 repeatedly, your guiding angels, the Universe want you to start paying attention, it is time to WAKE UP. It is time to manifest your heart’s desires.

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