Letters to the Karmic Board

Dear lovelies. Two times a year – on the 23rd of December and 23rd of June (right after Winter and Summer Solstice) a letter to the karmic board. I ask the karmic board to lift the bad karma, all my problems, all the unsolvable conflicts with people in my life. I was once told by a psychic friend that if there’s a problem you are powerless to fix on your own, you can use this day to pray for it.

This is a universal opportunity and if 10000 people participate in this ritual for requesting for your karma to be settled then the energy of your request will be multiplied by a 10000. It’s important to say that the karma is settled with sincere, selfless prayers, acts of kindness and with suffering. If the karma is big, you will need to suffer through the burning of your karma.

This year round I’ll be praying to Mother Mary each day. That’s my heartfelt thank you for instantaneously answering a prayer about my health and sending me the inspired action that saved me and for clearing any delays or obstacles on my way to becoming a mom. If you want me to dedicate prayers to your good karma, to helping you resolve seemingly unsolvable issues in your life, there’s two things you need to do: send me your letter, before you burn it so that I can directly pray for you and subscribe to: http://bit.ly/2BRCP3w

Now, before you write the letter, you’ll need to decide for yourself what your solemn promise will be to the Heavens Above. It has to be something that you will do daily. You can promise to sincerely say each day:  Let good befall the world!. You can promise to sincerely say each day a certain prayer. You can promise to give money to beggars whenever you see them (I made this promise and on New Year’s eve last year a man just came up to me and asked me for handout. I said I don’t have which was an obvious lie and to this day I still remember how badly I failed in my promise to give away money when seeing someone in need and when I am asked so be responsible when promising to your heart, to your God, to yourself that you will do something). Be prepared that whatever you promise to do – you’ll do it. Also, don’t over-promise. If you live a busy life, just promise to say:  “Let good befall the world” each day. It’s important to do it each day.

Then, the next thing you can do tomorrow, on the 23rd is to do good things, read prayers, go in a public place and sincerely wish each one of them happiness. At some point during the day say:  “I dedicate all my good actions performed by me on this day to the transmutation of the next month’s karma.“ Then, don’t worry about the rest. Karma is your personal bank account in the bank of God. The good deeds bring good karma and miracles in your life, the bad deeds bring bad karma in your life and struggles. Tomorrow, I will pray 1 hour for the transmutation of the world karma. I am also allowed to add concrete names to the list of people I dedicate my prayers to. If you want to be included, follow this link: https://www.paypal.me/ninjasmart/25. (When miracles start happening, make sure to remember to tell me that it did.)

The third thing that you should do is: write the letter.

1. First, thank the members of the Karmic Board, the lords of karma (Great Divine Director; Goddess of Liberty, Ascended Lady Master Nada; Cyclopea, Elohim of the Fifth Ray; Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth; Portia, the Goddess of Justice and Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy). for all the good things that have happened in your life in the past 6 months.

2. Then, write what you will do for the burning of your bad karma in the next 6 months. Assume only responsibilities that you will not forget about or find no time for at the first life issue that comes at you. And, life issues will come into your life as part of the cleaning of karma.

3. Write down what is it that you’d like cleared from your life – it could be bad habits, heal strained relationships, bring something positive in your life like a job, career path, life path, love, family.

4. Ask Archangel Michael and the angels of protection to bring your letter to your karmic board and, don’t forget to thank them for doing this for you.

5. I’ll get back to this step in just a second.

First, I’d like to add a major, MAJOR disclaimer on this practice. IF you use it to ask for a vendetta type of requests, or have self-centered, mercenary requests, clearing of personal accounts then you’ll achieve quite the opposite – you’ll magnify your karma 10000 and you’ll have a really horrible 6 months ahead.

If you want to – send me your letter before you do step 5 and I’ll advice you on whether it has hidden inappropriate requests that can trip your soul into oblivion. (There’s zero charge for that. I won’t post your letter online, but please leave me your initials so that I can post my comments on your letter).

Second, whatever you promise to do – do it selflessly. That’s the only way your letter will rack up the good energy that is needed to burn the karma. Generally, the karma is returned to us so that we humble ourselves and suffer through the struggles in life. This letter writing two times a year to the lords of karma is a Divine Grace. Treat it as such and know that if your requests are granted you will start experiencing divine guidance and miracles in the next 6 months and the ripple effects will be felt up to 12 years. So, don’t be shy to pray for miracles because miracles do happen and will become a natural way of life for you. Also, be careful what you wish for.

And now, step 5. Step 5 is about making a picture of your letter, burn it so that the angels use the flame energy to bring the letter’s content to the karmic board and forget what you wished for. Instead, focus on what you promised to do.

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