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12829145_754915087943455_6934099528887958962_o“I grew up with constant advice to focus on my studies, focus on my career, work on being able to stand on your own two feet, live my life now and love will “come when it’s time”.  

How many of you can relate to that? Funnily, we are programmed from very early age that the most important thing in life is to do your homework, to study, to graduate, to find a good job, to build a career, to have financial stability… In some lucky families (it used to be a very rare thing but nowadays more and more parents pay attention to that) – healthy lifestyle, close friendships, healthy family relationships are at the core of the family.

There seems to be focus on, drive and design to get pretty much anything in life, except LOVE. When it comes to the matters of the heart it is somehow expected that things will happen “on their own”, “when you least expect it”, “if you’re not looking for love” and without ANY involvement from you? In fact, if you decide to be proactive in searching for the love of your life you get branded as desperate… because the norms of society are that you DO NOTHING. How far did this get you?

Just like how results in our life come from taking conscious action, the attraction of a conscious partner and relationship takes conscious effort on our part. Where intention goes, energy flows. Through Love of  Your Life, I look forward to spending the next three months of our lives to seriously align yourself to attract your highest love, inside and out. Love of  Your Life is an authentic relationship course in self-alignment and conscious action to help you attract your highest love for YOU.

Register your ticket here, and I look forward to working with you on Apr 4th!

Are you single? Do you ask yourself where is your soulmate? Why haven’t you found him yet? Does he exist? Are you tired of constantly trying to meet a new guy but ending up with bad dates or romances that don’t lead you anywhere? Do you want to bring the love of your life from your head, from your dreams into the real life?

If you answered “yes,” my vibrational manifestation mastery course “Love of Your Life” is for you. 😀 Read on!

My Journey towards Love

First, allow me to share why this topic is so personal to me. I am one of those very lucky persons who on the outside have everything anyone could ever wish for… but not Love. And I’m one of those who get constant advice to “let it go”, “stop looking, he will come”, “you’re trying too hard, life your life and forget about LOVE (the most important thing in the world) and he will come”. I am just like you, just way ahead of you.

Just like you I went on blind dates, spent countless hours on the dating sites in the hopes of finding that very special someone. I even subscribed and paid handsomely for matchmaking service. But no luck with any of these. There were guys who were ok, but I wasn’t feeling them. Others had problems I did not want to be involved in like: going out every Friday and Saturday with the only wish to drink until you get drunk so that you can test how much more you can drink after that… Not the daddy material I was dreaming of.

Other times – I just fell for a guy right off the bat, but he bolted pretty quickly. Maybe didn’t consider me “good enough” for him, which really speaks volumes how lucky I am to not get involved with someone whose attention or affection would be conditional and they will be judging me all the time how “deserving of love” I am.  Sometimes there was chemistry, lots of it but looking at it realistically – this guy was just not the kind of guy I would say Yes to in church and would wonder for 9 months if the babies will look like him or look like me.

The point is – according to some I was unlucky in Love but if you ask me: I was happy that I’m not in  involved with the wrong man and I was appreciative of the fact that I didn’t have the need to be with someone so that I am not alone or filling some kind of void.  What I wanted is not just any man in my life.  What I wanted from the bottom of my heart is a loving, meaningful relationship with a man with whom we share a connection, mutual affection and desire to be in each other’s lives.

All around me, my soul sisters were finding that special someone, marrying, inviting me to baby showers… even the ones in their 40s for whom I was dead sure that they might end up on the shelf, or secretly fearing that I will end up dusting on the shelf by the time I hit 40. So, I wondered: What am I doing wrong? How come others are meeting really nice guys that tell them with 1500 red rose petals that they love them on the 2nd month of knowing each other but not me? Why can’t I meet a guy I like that likes me too? Am I cursed or something? Am I not destined to life a happily every after? 

And then THAT happened. One day, it was on my Birthday actually, a friend of mine told me about a woman who is: not really pretty, not really paying attention to look sexy, not really into the manipulative seduction stuff that they teach on courses and men were just flocking to her just because of the way she makes people around her feel. So I started digging and I found some pretty amazing things. I practiced and I got the same result.

And there is one last thing that my friend told me to do and that is – to create a nurturing, supporting, manifesting women circle, a group of women who are on the journey to manifesting into real life their own version of Mr Right, a women circle where we support each other and we encourage each other, and we give loving feedback, and loving advice to each other. I have that and let me tell you – miracles happen when you have a circle of women to support you!

And this is where you come in. According to Human Design I am a manifesting generator. What that means is – I have all the power to manifest anything I want in life. But in order to do it – I need to generate something. I am not one of those manifestors who just wish something into being. I need to create something as my payment to the Universe for the things I want in life. I am a teacher. This is my calling, whether I like it or not (actually I’m loving it, but that’s a different story for the manifesting money by doing what you are called to do class).  For this reason I’ve created this sacred space to help you to attract the love of your life into your life by using the power of the women circle, my guidance and the divine help we will enlist in this program through some of the exercises.

Introducing Love of  Your Life Vibrational Manifestation Mastery Program:

Love of Your Life is a new course I’m conducting to help you find love. It’s an six-months online coaching course that will take you through the critical mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical shifts you’ll need to make in order to attract the love you deserve. It is a live course conducted by me, and every session will consist of content, exercises, handouts, forum where each of you can connect, support, encourage each other and live group coaching calls with me to help you rewrite the story of your love life and finally get what you want in life.

Who is This For?

Before I go into the course details, let’s take a look at who this course is for. As with all my other courses, I’m highly selective of who I allow into Love of Your Life  to ensure maximum course experience for everyone. Please sign up only if you meet the following:

This is 100% FOR YOU if…

  • You are single. No married people, people in open relationships, or people in relationships but looking to switch partners.
  • You hope to one day meet your ideal romantic partner. Perhaps you have been single all your life or you’ve been burned by some bad relationships in the past. But this doesn’t stop you from having that sliver of hope that perhaps, just perhaps, the real one for you is out there, somewhere, waiting to meet you one day.
  • You are tired of bad dating advice that tries to mold you into a template dater. None of that here. I will not ask you to wear a skirt (for girls) or be funny and chatty (for guys) if that isn’t in line with your real self.
  • You tend to be more mature even when you were younger. While others were looking for teeny bopper relationships, you were already looking for something more, because you feel like a relationship can/should be more than just that.
  • You are tired of going on bad dates or entering into romantic relationships that don’t lead you anywhere. You are ready to meet someone serious, or explore the possibility of meeting a serious romantic prospect in your life.
  • You believe in attracting your highest relationship, your partner who is the perfect match for you in more ways than you could ever think of, and not just any random guy/girl.

On the other hand, this is NOT for you if … 

  • You want to learn to pick up girls/guys. This course isn’t about that.
  • You are skeptical about love and soulmates. Or, you don’t believe in the concept of soulmates. This course is not for you unfortunately. (Note there’s a difference between being burnt by love but still being hopeful vs. being fully skeptical about whether there’s anyone out there for you.)
  • You are looking for casual encounters and one-night-stands. This course isn’t about that either — go learn PUA.
  • You expect the course to match you up with singles. While there’ll be parts of the course where we prep you to meet new, compatible people from the right places — including a field-exercise — Love of Your Life is about teaching you the self-skills and required shifts to attract your soulmate into your life., which is infinitely more powerful than matching you up with 3 or 4 singles, who may not turn out to be who you like in the end
  • You expect to be in a relationship within X weeks/months of joining the course. While some may start attracting romance right away, ultimately the results is dependent on your actions and your current life path. Focus on taking the right actions that will attract your highest love as opposed to being driven by time-based pressures, and you’ll see results soon enough.

What We’ll be Doing Together

In   Love of Your Life Vibrational Manifestation Mastery Program , I’ll work with you to take you from points A to Z of finding your soulmate. This includes:

  • Understanding the process of finding real love isn’t a one-step, binary process (i.e., from single to attached). There are actually multiple phases to go through.
  • Identifying what’s blocking you from finding love
  • Uncovering emotional baggage (be it from childhood or past relationships) keeping you single and/or attracting bad relationships
  • Working through limiting beliefs holding you back from finding your true love
  • The real reason people keep attracting bad/incompatible people/relationships and how to break out of this unhealthy pattern for good
  • The one step to attract the most compatible matches for you
  • Analyzing your past relationships/dates/attractions to understand your likes/dislikes
  • Distilling the REAL, essential criteria you want in someone (clue: it’s not ten, it’s not five, it’s not three either)
  • Where to find quality, compatible dates (clue: it doesn’t involve clubs which is quite possibly the worst place to find love)
  • Why “hunting” for love will leave you burnt out, and what to do instead
  • The 1 magic question you need to decide if someone is worth pursuing
  • My Relationship Pyramid and the 6 phases of every connection before entering marriage
  • My 5-Step Diamond Model to help you achieve dating success
  • Actually getting out there and meeting new people, vs. passively waiting for “love to come your way,” because the latter can never happen
  • How to further your connection with someone compatible
  • How to sniff out toxic connections from a mile away
  • How to own your true self and radiate in your highest being, whether you’ve found your soulmate or not
  • How to know when you’ve found your ONE

Here’s what I WON’T be telling you to do:

I WON’T be teaching you / telling you:

  • to pretend to be someone you’re not
  • to go search for random strangers to talk to and pick up
  • to follow manipulative strategies for “making him to fall for you”, “be in a relationship with you”, “propose you”
  • to use cheap, sneaky tricks to seduce the guy you’ve set your eyes on or to manipulate others
  • to go into “hunting” mode in your search for love

Here’s what I WILL do for you:

  • Work through with you what’s going on in your inner psyche that’s preventing you from finding your true mate
  • Teach you to break through your internal and external blocks prevent you from finding love
  • Give you practical tips to act on right away to attract your highest love of all
  • Give you love-based, not fear-based, advice to attract YOUR highest partner YOU deserve
  • Support you in finding your highest love and best relationship 🙂

Course Schedule

The course is nothing like you’ve ever experienced! Once you check out, you will receive an email with log in details for the membership area. Each week you will receive email on Monday with link to your 7 modules of transformational training for the week. The course is 12 weeks, but you will receive an additional, bonus module, on how to make them stay. When you get to week 13, you’ll thank me for it 😉

This course will transform your life in 3 main areas every week:

  1. You will gain knowledge on the practical skills you need to build a relationship.
  2. You will be very well equipped with what you should do to raise your vibration so that you have the WoW effect needed for a love at first right (yes, it does happen, it has happened to me)
  3. And to really find the right place and the right time to meet.

I can’t wait to start working with you. I love miracles and I wish that your miracle relationship comes to you sooner than later.

How can you be sure if the Vibrational Manifestation Mastery Program is for you:

Wondering if this program is right for you?!

Untitled2Everything in life has a price. In order to HAVE the life you’ve always dreamed of you’ll need to give up on something, learn something new, let go of something old, open your eyes to what’s the real problem.

Lets Talk!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

I am a relationship coach, why should I sign up for this program?

A HUGE problem in our coaching industry is that we all try to figure things out, be good listeners and kind of, sort of, if the time is right: propose an assignment. And this is wrong on SO MANY levels! Our clients come to us BECAUSE we are the expert in our field. They come to us for the knowledge that we have in transforming their issue, in helping them solve their problems. And what a surprise when they come to us for help and we can’t give them ADEQUATE assignments.

So, you’re a coach. How would your practice be impacted if you HAD in your hands 97 tools, assignments, psychological exercises, rituals on LOVE, Finding LOVE and Relationships?

I’ve never seen anything like Love of Your Life program. I think of this as the course I wish I had someone walk me through a few years agowhen I was co

How is Love of Your Life Vibrational Manifestation Mastery Program different from other relationship courses?

Let’s be clear — I’ve never seen anything like Love of Your Life program. I think of this as the course I wish I had someone walk me through a few years agowhen I was confused about where my one for me was, if he even existed and I naively thought that if we just meet there will be lightbulb A-HA moment and there’ll be happily ever after. If I knew then what I know now after a lot of searching, I would have saved myself a lot of valuable time which I could have spent with my One and Only.  I was looking for love in the wrong places and was back to square one over and over again..

Secondly, there are lots of courses on how to attract the One out there. I can sum them ALL up into: Tips and Tricks how to manipulate someone into falling in love with you. That’s all good unless you want a man who can make decisions on his own and is not easily manipulated with sex or sneaky NLP tricks that aim to hypnotize him into “Choose you as the one”. heart-centered relationship.

For a heart and soul relationship to come into being you’ve got to be ready to NOT alter yourself into a bombshell armed with high heels, red dresses, red lipstick, ready to flip your hair and laugh at tasteless jokes, ready with an “adoring look” and pretending to take interest in something that is not only to land the guy. In fact, I’ll teach you to change from the inside out, to clear up all the baggage that is stopping you from the relationship of your life and I’ll teach you how to project this into the world.


Love of Your Life program is about YOU, what YOU want in your ideal life partner, releasing YOUR internal blocks, and how to attract your One and Only.  This is the only person you need for the most fulfilling, best romantic relationship in your life.

Will you be matching me up with singles?

While there’ll be parts of the course where I’ll prep you to meet new, compatible people from the right places — including a field-exercise where you’ll be getting out there to meet new people (maybe even date)! — Love of Your Life program will not be matching you up with anyone. Rather, this is a course to teach you the self-skills and required shifts to attract your soulmate into your life, which is infinitely more powerful than matching you up with 3 or 4 singles, who may not turn out to be who you like in the end. I’ve joined ad hoc dating services before between my early to late 20s, and I’ve found myself feeling empty and like I just wasted months of my time when I consistently met dates who weren’t a match at all. What you’ll learn here are skills that you’ll take with yourself for your entire love journey, beyond dates that can be a hit or miss.

While this shouldn’t be the sole reason to join the course, you’ll also get to “meet” other singles from around the world by way of your sign up — your fellow course participants. Love of Your Life program will allow you to connect with like-minded singles, learn their individual love stories and heartaches, learn from each other, and bond in your soulmate journeys. Your community of like minded people is an important part of  this course, and in the very first module you will see how critical your support group is!

I want to get into a relationship by the end of this course?

If you join this course with the intention to get into a relationship right away, please don’t join. You’ll end up wasting your time (and my time as well). Rather, there are other, more efficacious ways to do this, such as matchmaking, arranged dating, going to bars.

Reason being when you put a time limit to the delicate process of love (and such time limits tend to be fear-based), what happens is you’ll subconsciously box yourself to (1) what’s available around you and (2) what’s convenient as opposed to what’s best for you. You will also bring your fear-based energy into the course, affecting the other participants who are serious about finding love-based love that’ll last a lifetime. Last but not least, your fear-based attitude will inevitably attract fear-based dates and relationships to you, hence throwing everything about the course out of the window.

Love of Your Life program isn’t about how to get into relationship or any relationship. It’s about how to attract your One and Only into your life. When you add a time limit to such things, you taint the process and prevent yourself from getting the highest results. What I do know is that it’s best to start as early as possible, because finding one’s love is a process that takes time to activate. Kinda like when you water a seed; it doesn’t grow into a tree overnight or over weeks. It takes months if not years.

Funny is when people approach me in the last minute asking if I can help them create miracles in a two month coaching span — I basically tell them it’s not possible and it’s a process. What I do know is that the sooner you do this, the sooner you’ll attract your ideal love and blossom together with your partner.

Do you believe there’s someone out there for me?

As a matter of fact, I do. I believe there can be several soulmates for a person, and that there’s a right person for us depending on our current state of consciousness. (For example, the “right” person for you when you’re in your teens may not be the “right” person for you when you’re older, especially if that person grows in a different direction than you).

The real questions here are, “Where is he?” And “How do I attract him into my life?” These will be what we’ll be working through here.

Is there an age limit for this course?

This course is on universal principles to find your ideal love. I believe love has no time limit and can enter your life whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, or even 60s and beyond. That said, I do recommend to sign up if you’re at least 18.

What is the format of the course?

It will be an online, vibrational manifestations master classes, where all participants will receive the information about them every week  (details provided after registration). During each week’s class, I’ll present the week’s topic along with exercises that everyone will work together and share their answers during the weekly coaching call. That’s 3 weeks in a roll. The 4th week – we’ll have a private 1-1 coaching calls to work on YOU and the creation of YOUR love story.

Three things you need for the course: (1) computer, (2) high-speed internet connection, and (3) external mic (for the group coaching sessions, so that your voice is heard).

All sessions will be recorded, and the video recordings and slides will be sent 48 hours after every module.

I can’t attend the calls LIVE, what should I do? What should I do?

Don’t worry! I will provide the recordings and slides for each session within 48 hours after the session ends. Each week’s recording would be available for viewing right up to the end of the course. This is to help the participants who already have prior engagements that clash with the course schedule. I do request that you commit to watching the recordings of sessions you missed the week they are released plus do the homework (if any), so that you can get the best of the next live session!

Limited Seats: REGISTER NOW!

I know that finding love can be a confusing and difficult journey. As much as love is a beautiful part of life, it can also cause some of greatest confusions, self-doubts, and heartaches. I know because I was single for SO LONG. I know because I spent wasted MUCH TIME bumming around in dates and bad romantic connections that didn’t work out. Much of these instances left me burnt and feeling negative about myself. I was all ready to be alone for the rest of my life, but then I met my soulmate and realized this new facet of life that I never knew existed before. It is so beautiful and magical that I realize this is a feeling that EVERYONE deserves to have in their life.

I created this course to help you find your highest love you deserve. I’m excited to work with you to make this happen. 😀 The question is: Are you?

To ensure you get your maximum results in this course, you’ll get

  • The full  Love of Your Life Vibrational Manifestation Mastery program. There are 24 weekly online classes to take you through the critical mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical shifts you need to take to attract the highest love you deserve
  • Access to video recordings & slide presentations. All slides and recordings will be shared 48 hours after each live session. You will be able to view the recordings right up to the course ends. So even if you will miss a few classes, that’s okay — you have them to get you up to speed to the next class!
  • Soulmate Wheel assessment tool. Throughout the course, we’ll be working on helping you be ready for your highest love through the Soulmate Wheel. It is a great model to assess how you’re currently doing in your love journey, how ready you are to receive your soulmate into your life, and immediately spot gap areas to tackle.
  • Access to Love of Your Life Private Facebook Group for a lifetime. I’m creating a Facebook community group for the members to connect during and after the course! Your enrollment will give you access to this group, where you’ll get to “meet” like-minded singles from around the world — your fellow course participants. Soulmate Journey will allow you to connect with them, learn their individual love/singlehood stories and heartaches, learn from each other, and bond in your soulmate journeys.

For every course I conduct, I’ve found that there are participants who prefer more personalized attention and customized coaching on top of what is offered in the course. Now, for the first time ever, I’m including an add-on personal coaching option for those of you who are ready to work with me 1-1 to accelerate your love journey and build on what you’ve learned in the course. With the Love of Your Life vibrational manifestation mastery program you’ll also get

These Bonuses:

  • 12 x 1-1 private coaching calls with Tsveti (1-hr each) to deep-dive into the course materials and accelerate your love journey.  (Normal price: $1000)
  • Unlimited Facebook support for the duration of the course (Worth: $1500)

Ready to embark on your journey to attract your highest love of all?  Register below:

sing up clients now

Once you make payment, you’ll get a payment receipt from Paypal and a confirmation e-mail with the course instructions, next steps and further instructions on next steps for our 1-1 coaching calls. Look forward to talking soon!

Register for this course if:

  • You believe that the more you know about the matter, the closer you will get to the things you deserve in your life
  • You think it’s time for you to explore more on ‘searching for your soulmate’, because you are already successful in the other areas of your life.
  • You are serious to get yourself more open to love and to find your other half ‘properly’ (can’t really find someone who is looking for you two, it’s more like: finding each other)
  • You wonder how I have managed to stay single all this time and how I feel that I’m quite a decent person but “never seem” to be someone’s first choice.
  • You have always left love and romance to ‘fate’ even though it has been on the back of your mind since day 1.
  •  You figured that it’s about time you do something about finding love.
  • You want to be comfortable in your own skin and draw your significant other into my life.
  • Love of Your Life  came up in perfect timing for you because now you are READY for love
  • You want to better understand what you are seeking and learn to be successful in finding  The One
  • You want to  learn about yourself  and prepare yourself for your future relationship and soulmate.

How about You?

What I’ve shared are the love stories of my past clients. What I’m interested in is YOUR love story. WHO you are meant to be. WHAT’s blocking in your path to finding your highest love. And HOW we can get there. Together.

Just like Sharon and Joe, you can have your soulmate relationship too, one that elevates you (and your partner) to higher places and supports you into being your highest self.  Your soulmate is out there, whether you believe it or not.

Are you ready to embark on this journey toward attracting your highest love of all? Well, I’m ready to work with you, and I look forward to working with you to make this happen come Feb 28.

Other Questions?

Any questions, Skype me at coachtsvetanka. Thanks and see you guys soon!

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