Soulmate Attraction Ritual
Soulmate Attraction Ritual

Manifesting Your Soulmate with LoA

The ritual for manifesting the love of your life is a 4 part ritual or in other words – it consists of 4 different rituals which combined create the type of energy that WILL get you in the proximity of your soulmate. All you have to do is: do the ritual and let it go. Know in your heart that it WILL happen and So it Will Be!

Here’s what works when wanting to manifest your soulmate:

  • Ask for what you want
  • Know WHY you want it
  • Practice the vibration of what you want until you manifest it for real 

Keeping the vibration up high until you manifest what you want is where most people fail. As a result they think that the manifestation techniques don’t work.

Today, I want to show you that asking for what you want is pretty simple task. How you are going to receive what you want is going to be revealed to you in the form of an instant knowledge, or an inspiration, a creative thought, a chance meeting with someone…

VIDEO 1: Let’s do first things first. In this video I tell you how to figure out what kind of energy you’ve been attracting to your life.

VIDEO 2: Lets get down to business. This is the ritual that you need to perform to attract your soulmate. Follow it to a T. Do it on New Moon

Blessing for you:

May your love life blossom,

and your dreams come true,

and your angels bring your soulmate to you.

VIDEO 3: Remember your homework in video 1? This is where all the information that you were gathering comes into play. Give it your all in this ritual on next Full Moon.

VIDEO 4:  This is where the magic happens. Don’t overthink it – just do it. The words are: „INNA OLG PA (add your name)” 

… And that’s it. You don’t have to do anything else.

Now it’s your turn!  Do at least one of the rituals and exercises from above within the next 24 hours and write below how it felt to do it!

Life is a journey .. have a good one 🙂


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