The 3 choices of the soul

12234864_1740872069469771_8157203330878259088_nUniversal Law that very few talk about is: the 3 choices that all souls make before they are born:

First choice: Your parents.
Coming from a challenging family situation myself I can tell you – your parents are not good, they are not bad. They are PERFECT. They are exactly the kind of people to teach you the lessons you came here to learn, or to prepare you for the lessons you came here to learn. They are perfect for your Spiritual growth and this is the reason WHY you chose these two parents, exactly them and no one else. With the choice of parents you also chose your race.

Second choice: Your nationality
The country you are born in is also not a coincidence. You are connected to the archetype of the people of that country. Each country is unique. And you being born in your particular country is not a coincidence. Search for your roots in the country’s age old habits, history, customs.

Third choice: Your sex
As chocking as it may sound: souls do not have a gender. When a shaman looked at my soul couple of years ago he told me that my soul, and all other souls are a sphere of light, an energy and a music. Souls are a melody. (If only I could hear mine..) With that said – if you were born a man, you should honor being a man. If you were born a woman – you should learn to embrace your feminine divine power.

So, what are the 3 soul choices that you made before you came into this Earth? Write in the comments below. What do you think your soul’s needs for growth and expansion are shown by these 3 choices?

And if you want to try and figure out WHY you chose to be born in this body, with these parents and in that country, let’s have a chat:

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