The Divine Receiving Ritual

The Divine Receiving Ritual MUST be done at the night of SUMMER SOLSTICE (the early morning of June 20th).

Works BEST when asking for LOVE and asking for MONEY

But the trick is: YOU MUST ASK FOR IT. And you must ask for it in the right order so that you get the energy of DIVINE BLESSINGS of both the Sun and the Moon.

❁❁❁❁Let me Tell You Something! ❁❁❁❁
When it comes to manifestation, you need Divine Timing. And that’s what’s going to happen at the night of June 20th. The Universe is literally going to send it’s most potent manifesting energy towards Earth.

Will you be there to receive it?

TIME is Literally RUNNING OUT, so you’ll need to get this Summer Solstice and Full Moon two-part ritual RIGHT ABOUT NOW

.and it’s only $7.83

Find out the significance of the number and why this ritual which has survived the Dark ages and the inquisition is SHARED with you TODAY

 divine receiving

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