The Prosperity Game 2.0

Prosperity is so much more than money in the bank. It overflows into every area of your life. But let’s talk about financial prosperity. Let’s talk about NEVER running out of money. There’s some tricks which work like magic and I teach them in my Vibrational Manifestation of Money in the Bank course. (To check if you fit in for it, reserve a clarity session with me: For example, if you need the coaching help, but you are not in a place of allowing I can’t push you into making it happen for you. That’s why we need to have a chat first.)

Right now I want to tell you one of them. It’s called the prosperity game and it is taught by Esther and Jerry Hicks, whose teachings I absolutely love. They define to an extend my coaching style, but adding to it the self-development courses and certifications I have done, the psychology background, my quite interesting personal path which shaped rather interesting knowledge about the world we live in, the characters of people and the spiritual laws of the Universe, that I am a special kind of someone when it comes to defining success and achieving it.

And my first type of success was FINANCIAL. That’s why I can teach financials and business building with my eyes closed. And this is what I will teach you now. Not the whole enchilada, but a piece of it.

How to play the prosperity game?

First, you’ll need to join the Secret Facebook Group and follow the instructions there. We’ll teach you how to have FUN attracting money, changing your current financial situation and creating through manifestation the comfortable life you’ve always dreamed of!

There’s one more thing. Not only it feels good, but it also has an interesting effect on your financials. It is a simple and fun way to activate your ability to attract money over and over again. And I have added a special something to the game so that you get even more positive feelings and start attracting your FORTUNE (Let’s start with the financial fortune but whom are we kidding – as soon as we get to have The money it will be happiness, love, connecting with others, doing what we love that will be the front runner for our definition of FORTUNE. So, let’s start with the financials and all else will fall into place. I’ll help you keep the vibration high enough so that you allow the well-being into your life.)

Do you want to:

  • Dramatically improve your financial situation?
  • Activate the higher vibrations that allow the flow of money to come to you
  • Allow what you want to manifest for you
  • Expand your ability to imagine ever increasing amounts of money flowing freely into your life
  • Raise your vibration around money

Here’s what you need to do: join the closed FB group for $1,97 a month for 12 months and start playing the Prosperity Game 2.0
. Then I’ll add you to the group.

So, join now and change your life FOR EVER 

P.S. What if you don’t join today? Well, let me ask you this: Do you like where you’re at financially? If you do nothing about it, will your financial situation change for the better on its own? Do you like receiving money and spending money? If you answered yes to all 3 questions, yes, you definitely need to join the facebook group today. The miracles are waiting for you to allow them into your life.

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