How to play the Game of Prosperity 2.0

On Day #1: deposit into your bank account in the Bank of The Universe $1000. Then, throughout the day, or all at once write what you will spend the money on. Spend it all.

And even though you have a deposit only once a day, when you read other people’s comments, you can imagine that you just got a BONUS from the Universe and you get to spend these money too. Feel free to write in the comments what you would spend those money on.

OnDay # 2 you’ll deposit: $2000. On Day#3: $3000… Can you imagine what you should be spending on day 365? Yep, $365,0000. All in all, you MUST remorselessly spend over $66 million in the course of a year. Spending virtual money is just FUN.

And you can do it over and over again.

How to be successful in playing the game:

1. Commit to play this game for 365 days

2. Commit to sending in your head the daily sum over and over again.

3. Read once a day the comments on what the other people are spending their money for the day. In your head imagine that you have that kind of money and you spend them on that list of things. In the end – the idea is to feel awesome that you got That much money and you spent it all in one place.

It doesn’t matter if you “need” the things that the others are spending their daily allowance on or not. What matter is that you have the money and you’re spending it. And that there are always more to come.

Enjoy the Prosperity Game. Enjoy receiving money all the time. Enjoy spending money on all the things you want and on things you absolutely don’t need but you can buy them because you can.

And become open to insights for inspired action for manifestation of money in your life. The more you play the game, the more you’ll get diving guidance on how to manifest banknotes of large bills into your wallet, into your credit card, into your Bank account, into your money clip, and into your hidden place under the mattress.

Wish you good luck in manifesting the money that you want! I will also pop up into your inbox in the next couple of days with some more tips on how to #ThinkAndGrowRich playing the #ProsperityGame.