Things are ALWAYS working out for me

Things are ALWAYS working out for me

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Things are always working out for me

Today I’d like to tell you about my magical day and hopefully your heart and soul will be touched and uplifted just by reading about it

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Things are always working out for me.

I felt loved as I was waking up in the morning. It was a feeling in my stomach and I was feeling it in my throat. It was warm and cozy. And I thought: Things are always working out for me.

The blissful dreamy state had to finish, as I woke up fully and started my busy day. I took a cab and the first thing that the cab driver did was smile at me. I had to look twice – he really did smile at me genuinely. He was happy to see me. In turn I was happy to see him .. for the first time in my life. He chose the shortest path to where I was going and I ended up 5 minutes earlier than my appointment. Things ARE always working out for me.

The appointment I had was in an office where you can often see people getting impatient or rude because someone was in their way. But not today. The receptionist smiled at me. Out of the 3 masseuses today was the one who is not treating her clients indifferently. She’s the one who takes extra care for your back and neck and ultimately  this is what I am going to this office for. I was so happy, smiled at her and was extra friendly. I was so joyful that the best masseuse was there for me that I became certain: my day couldn’t have started better. Things are REALLY always working out for me.

By lunch time I was buried in work and unconsciously had switched off the inner chatter. The moment I lifted my head above the monitor I realized that I’ll feel good taking a small break. I enjoyed every bit of it. It was pretty short, yet I loved it because I was fully in the moment. This is where I switched on my inner chatter and I remembered that things are really working out for me. I felt blessed.

By the end of the day, actually 5 min earlier, I had finished my pile of work. It felt like a pretty big accomplishment and I know it was. And this is where I realized – I’ve been working all day with enthusiasm and LOVE… because this one sentence was stuck in my mind like a song all day long. Even when I didn’t say it to my self, I was feeling it: 

Things are always working out for me.

Now, at the end of my day, I’d like to invite you to do the same, for just one day. Keep repeating to yourself this simple sentence and ALLOW miracles to come to you!

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