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Vibrational Manifestation Mastery Program

“Anger Management 101”

Is A Very Exclusive Program!

You have the opportunity to raise your vibration so high that your usual triggers will not affect you any more.

And because I believe in rewarding courage and taking big leaps:

If you sign up by Midnight Pacific Time on Sunday, December 31st, you will receive 30% off the entire program! 

Once you make your first month payment of $327, you will be enrolled in the “Anger Management 101” vibrational manifestation mastery class.

You will receive an auto-pay subscription link for the monthly payments at $327.00 each every 30 days for 3 consecutive months.

These 15 discount spaces will not last. After the December 31st Midnight deadline has passed: the regular course fee of $467.00 will replace this special offer.

To sign up for this program, you’ll need to book a free coaching consult with me First.


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