Your Love Life is About to Be Transformed For Ever

Master Class with Tsveti Petrova:
Manifesting Your Life Partner

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A Virtual class for single ladies who are serious about finding love!

Yes, I know, you’re single, you’re a great catch, you have had success in so many areas of your life. The one thing you want badly that has somehow eluded you is that wonderful man, with the qualities and values that you want him to have, your soul mate with whom you have instant regocnition, a relationship, marriage that almost everyone else seems to have but you. But Not Any More! 

Join the Thousands of Women from All Around the World in this Master Class which is the ACTUAL one of three calls in Module 1 of  “Manifest Your Life Partner ” vibrational manifestation mastery program and  Learn:

  • How to create and manifest love from the inside out
  • How to really be relationship ready, even if you think you are
  • How to identify the ‘baggage’ and stories you’ve been carrying around that have prevented you from finding the right guy, and techniques to clear it all out
  • How to properly create a vision for who is Mr Right and how to distinguish him from Mr Wrong, even though Mr Wrong might present himself as bright and shiny knight on a white horse
  • How to love and value yourself more than you think you do
  • How to take conscious, intuitive action steps vs. desperately trying anything
  • How to consciously date and set your guidelines for dating so you feel more empowered

AND .. Discover how you can make it your mission to learn what you need to know to find the man of your dreams – and WATCH IT HAPPEN!