Why a few should call themselves a Life Coach

perfect-nicheMy clients tell me that my life coaching skills are really what stands out during our business coaching sessions. And, yet – I do not call myself a life coach. Even though I coach on life issues and others seem to think that I am good at it. Not everyone can be a life coach. Many think that if you have a story, if you’ve overcome some difficult time in your life, or if you went through a coaching school where they teach you the skill of coaching, that this is enough. You can just call yourself a life coach and start changing people’s lives.

Not so fast. If you have overcome something in life, then – teach on THAT only. That can be your niche and your branding. Seek people like you who have struggled with what you coped with and help them overcome JUST that. But what I see many super confident life coaches to do is – they try to tell you that they have knowledge more than they actually do.

As a result you get  advise, which may sound like a good one, but comes through the mindset and belief system of a person who has not worked out their own issues and shadow side. So, how to chose a good life coach. Go with your gut feeling. And then, if you are looking for deep work and huge transformations – go with someone who is constantly going to seminars and courses to work on themselves AND has worked with at least a 1000 people individually or at least 10 000 in a group.  Then you know that the life coach does this for a living and can bring a very high level of transformation. Or choose a newbie. Nothing wrong with that. If a coach’s approach calls you to work with them – go for it. Just be mindful that they can’t really guarantee results.

Business Assessment: is the problem in your niche or in the marketing message
Business Assessment: is the problem in your niche or in the marketing message
How to know for sure if you have nailed your niche? If money are pouring in towards you - yes, you've found your niche. If not - you need this coaching session ASAP. Is it that the niche you have is a good one But - no one's buying. We'll see what's not working in your marketing message.

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