Why wanting to attract money will leave you pennyless



images (6)Wanting to attract money is evil. They whisper into your years nice words like: financially free, 5 figures a month, 6 figures a month, buy nice things, live a fist class lifestyle, travel the world. There is no soul business in going after money, wanting money, wanting to attract money.

You have only 24 hours a day. What will you feed? The greed for money (nicely coated as attracting wealth and abundance, working to make money, selling your offers at a higher price) or your soul. What you pay attention to grows. If you are focused on wanting more and more income streams, doubling and tripling your income, making 5 figures and 6 figures, then you’ll be attracting more money, more work, more selling of your higher priced services (which is work too) and this will eat up the time in your day and your soul will starve to death.

Death can be literal. Being constantly focused on making money gets you into a trap: you need to invest in learning how to make money, then you need to make money to return your investment, then you need to do it again and again and it somehow is never enough. There’s always a new mastermind, new training, new thing to spend money on so that you can learn to make money. It’s a trap. The trap of money. And what it does is: gets your time and energy away from doing things that are good for your soul like reading.

Beat the Money Trap - 4 mindset upgrade sessions
Beat the Money Trap - 4 mindset upgrade sessions
You either have work and money or health and love ( Respect, Joy, Fulfilling Relationships). You can't feed both the low vibration of Money and the materialistic and the high vibration of Love where you receive joy, fulfillment, piece, happiness. You either get one or the other. IF you chose Love, I can teach you how to have Enough, how to earn Enough. IF you chose Money, you'll always be in a position to Want More but Never Have Enough. What you receive: 4 coaching sessions x $250.00 each

Listen, at this moment of time it is my calling and divine mission to save business women from the trap of: paying for trainings, working really hard to get back their investment, paying for more trainings. It’s a trap. It’s not even like you are a hamster on a wheel. It’s a trap. It gets you away from everything good in life, everything that is really important.

And here’s what I’ll do. 4 mindset upgrade sessions, $250 each are exactly $1,000.00

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My soul needs to teach you this. I want you to sign up because MY Soul’s Healing depends on helping You. 

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