The 7 Figure Success Magnifier

“Are you ready to create a business you adore which Helps You to Afford the Comforts of Life …  without having to spend THOUSANDS on the “next big thing” and the next big thing, and the next, and the next…?”

How I personally create multiple streams of income from different businesses that each bring a FULL Monthly Salary into my pocket every month… And you can too!


6 Figure Business Launch Success System

Find clients

Create and Market PRODUCTS and PROGRAMS that instantly motivate people to “Buy Now”

Set up Your Business Systems in such a way that Your Dollars Grow Each Month Without Any Extra effort from your side

“Imagine that all that you already know, all your experiences, all you’ve learned in life is SOMETHING others are craving to Learn from and PAY Top Dollar for”

Does this sound familiar?

  • A lot of people come to you for advice … but no one is willing to pay you your asking price. Even worse, you’ve spent so much money and so much time to hone in the skills and the knowledge that you have and it feels like others are expecting you to “just tell them what you know”

  • Your business is best described as a hamster on a wheel. There always so much to do, so many new things to learn, so many new tools and templates to buy in order to make it while all you really ever wanted to do is “make it simple and working”

  • If you had all day long to do marketing, you would do it, but there’s other commitments in life and maybe that’s the reason why you don’t have enough clients. You want to set up your business so that it supports you and your life and you are no longer slave in your own business.

  • You know you are good at this and others come to you for advice. Why don’t they pay for it? How much you charge is a think to not be mentioned because you want to help people first

  • You’re frustrated that you keep trying but you still stay small, even tiny. No matter how much you try – you just don’t seem to reach the right people

  • The backbone of every business are its clients but where do you find yours! You’ve been offering your services and products over and over, but why are they not buying like the course you bought before this one told you they would. If you could just say the right words and your prospects will say: Yes, I want to work with you… But for you it doesn’t work, even with ideal clients. Do you want me to tell you why?

  • You’ve put your heart and soul into what you are offering but there’s no list to offer it to. How can you make it work if there’s no one really, I mean really, interested in what you’re offering?

There’s AWESOME news for you:  You’ve come to the right place and at the right moment.

If you’re a coach, consultant, speaker, healer, trainer, internet marketer or anyone who wants a comfortable life doing what you love and you’ve been out there trying to make it in your business, sharing your advice and knowledge, doing great introductory calls, creating great PDF books, spreading your word out, but there is no Ka-Ching, there is no money pouring into your pocket …. I’ve got something to tell you.

You have fount the source where you can discover WHY ARE THEY NOT BUYING?


My name is Tsveti and I’m the Success Magnifier. What I do best is teach you how to package your advise and sell it.


For most of my clients, the difference between 5%  and 30% in sales for the same amount of effort just by following my steps makes all the difference in the world.  And the good news is – the steps are easy, make a huge difference rapidly and cost you nothing to implement.

See, I like to measure business success with the amount of a FULL time salary if I was to work 9-5. What’s that number for you?

Now, if you were able to get to an 80% of your Money Number on the first year in business, that’s pure luck. If you do it again, with a different business, while your old business is in it’s second year and is getting closer to the 100% of your Money Number, that’s  Woohoooo. I know I was tired, overworked but HAPPY.  Very happy.

In fact, I was feeling so energized by this success that I did it a third time and a fourth.

Now, what’s interesting is – how can you get to 30%, 40%, 60%, 80% of your Money Number in a single year or less and then keep that level of income over and over again. Once you start getting steady income from your business it just gets easier to grow your income over and over.

What I then discovered on my 4th year in business is that there’s much more to cashing in your advice and knowledge than just putting out an offer and selling it online. With every new business I was stepping on the system from the previous one and upgrading it. This is when I realized:

A great product, great offer and a lot of smart marketing are not enough to make it…

I started seeing the process of creating packages and products, offering them and selling them all need to be answering the two most important questions: Why buy? and Why buy from you?

Just imagine …

What your income would be like if you had the crystal clear and compelling answers to those two questions at every single moment?

How will your life change if you could make 40%/60%/80% more than you do now? What would you spend those money on?

Let’s face it – if there were 48 hours in a day, that will still be not enough time to do all the things you have on your list for your business. But what I found is:

Making sure that you add that sparkle of allure to all you do is the fastest way to selling out your offers and making the thousands that you planned for.

The math is simple. For the same amount of work you put in to create your product or program, and to market it – if you sell 2 out of 10, that’s 20%. But if you sell 4 out of 10, that’s DOUBLE of what you had in the first place. And the best part is – you didn’t have to double your effort, the money you spend to acquire the clients, the energy. I don’t know about you but getting the most return for my invested time makes me VERY HAPPY.

By now you’re probably wondering: Who is this Tsvetanka Petrova and how does she know so much about what makes products and offers alluring to the buyer?

My story started 7 years ago when I first started with coaching. As a business coach I was helping my clients to wrap their head around packaging what they know, pricing it as selling it. I quickly started to see which businesses will succeed and which will not despite the good solution which was offered. It wasn’t the client, it wasn’t the business they created, it wasn’t me who failed. It was the copy.

The product,the sales page, all marketing messages needed to be alluring people in, alluring them to what you offer, alluring them to get your solution, alluring them to buy. So, on my second year in business I started a new one: a copyright business. I just had a nag how to phrase things to bring results. And, then it started to made sense why some businesses failed even with the best set up of the business. Their owners all had the same feeling about website, product and marketing copy:

I want to write in my authentic voice and will do it myself…

Can you relate?

I believe that most of us feel that way and as a result I see so many entrepreneurs I work with to  allow the desire to share their authentic voice to prevent them to be alluring in their product and program creation and marketing (i.e. SELL!).

I continued to find business niches which I felt compelled to fill up and each year I was creating business after business. What I realized about myself during that time is that I’m  Over-Committed to Success!

In other words, I love seeing:

  • committed to moving ahead high-achiever,

  • go-getting action taker

  • devoted to doing what you love entrepreneur

  • decisive, making a choice and sticking with it

Even if as a result you need to wake up an hour earlier, work and hour later, and the weekend too, in order to achieve your goals, I love that they are committed to getting it done. So, during my first few cycles of creating new businesses, I kept very close attention on what makes what you do alluringly persuasive  and gets people to say Yes, this is the real deal. I’m buying that.

Your authentic voice is not enough to make big sales…

I was fascinated by the story of the youngest self-made female billionaire in the world – Elizabeth Holmes. When asked about – how did she become a billionaire, her answer was “thinking about what is the greatest change I could make in the world.” So, this is where I got stuck. I didn’t know what my gift to the world is. I knew I had founded a couple of successful businesses. My business mentor referred me to a life purpose coach.

We worked with that coach every day for 30 days and every time I said: I don’t know, I’m just good at founding businesses that succeed. But that can’t be It. My purpose must be something extraordinary, something mystical, magical, Earth-shattering. Towards the third week of our work together this started coming up every day.

And one day, out of the blue my coach asked me: If you could go as a mentor to the Forbes #30under30 entrepreneurship conference and asked each one of the people in he room: “Every business that I found succeeds. So you think that this is a Billion Dollar Skill?”, how many would answer with a “Yes”.

And that’s where it downed on me: EVERYONE would answer Yes. So, the last week of coaching with the life purpose coach was a celebration. I started dissecting what I did in each business that made it successful. I was looking for the formula for success in each of the businesses and pretty soon it emerged that it was one and the same.

You can be creating products, and programs, and offers all day long, you could be marketing all day long…and still have zero to no sales

My eyes opened. I started seeing so many heart-centered entrepreneurs, agents of change, coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, trainers and info-preneurs with so much value to give, so much transformation to bring who lacked that spark, that thing that make them stand out of the crowd and sell everything they offer. 

I have worked with Tsvetanka and find her to very intuitive to catch onto ideas and situations that she might not have direct experience with. She inspires and does not make you feel bad when pointing out the obvious. I find her to be wise beyond her years and a great person to work with

It doesn’t matter how good what you offer is, if when you market it people do not buy it. Worse than that is – if you sound like everyone else, if you create promotions like everyone else, if you offer exactly what everyone else is offering … because that’s what people respond to. Is it that what you offer is not that good, or the way you are offering is not that good?

Remember, zero or close to zero sales doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with your product, or that people are not interested in it. You might be an excellent coach, a highly evolved healer, but

If you don’t have an alluringly persuasive product and message, your Billion Dollar Gift to the World is not out there for anyone to take benefit from …and that costs your clients $$$$$$$$$!

Since you are reading this, my guess is that you would like to find out how to align your life purpose with your product creation and marketing messages and start getting sale after sale, so the first thing I’d like to do is send you the 8 module 7 Figure Success Magnifier. And I want to send you a BONUS 9th module. There’s only one System that separates those who struggle to make it big and those who make at least a million a  year. Mindset is just one part of the 7-Figure System.

Just click on the button below and I’ll send you the first module right away so that you get started on your 6-figure business journey immediately.

6 Figure Business Launch Success System

If you would like to have a business where you have a full list of clients while working less and sharing your Billion Dollar Gift with the world, then this might be the most important letter you ever read.

Rest assured, 7 years ago I started no knowing anything about building a business. All I had was a passion for improving your life by creating a business which supports you, your lifestyle and your desire to enjoy life to the fullest. I went through thick and tin, trial and error, big successes and big failures … so that I test and try that knowledge, leave what’s working and cut out what isn’t…and you can get all that without spending 7 years trying to figure things out.

I began my coaching with Tsvetanka hoping to raise my business confidence. Through imagery and example, she was able to help me articulate some of the less helpful patterns and mindsets I held and encourage me to move forward. As our sessions progressed, I got very busy and stressed! The exercises and tools that she suggested showed an insight into whole-life balance, my personal situation and my character. Tsvetanka draws ideas from what I've come to believe is an extensive range of practical tools and meditative disciplines. She works with both creativity and logic.

I am a Life Coach as well and Tsvetanka had been my coach for 12 sessions. Before telling you how I benefited from the sessions, let me tell you how I see her as a coach: She loves what she does, is very dedicated to her job and has a well planned strategy to be a big coach! She is always investing in herself and taking steps to reach her goals while enjoying the moment, not only the results. She had been my model as a coach in many ways. We had sessions in the very early and late hours of the day, she was always there to support. Our sessions were mainly about developing my business and very mind opening. I learned to listen to my inner voice more than ever. I had many ideas on my mind coming from what I had heard and read. Putting all these apart, I managed to reach my inner voice and became clear about WHAT and HOW I want to do! So, thank you Tsvetanka for being my guide, model and coach.

I’ve added these testimonials because I know that there is SO MANY MAKING MONEY ONLINE PROGRAMS OUT THERE that claim to help you make at least a hundred thousand dollars almost overnight – one simple seminar, one VIP day, one webinar and voila: you made a $100,000.00. Have you tried any of these just to see that it’s not that easy. You follow all the steps but no one is buying your $10,000.00 VIP consult day. Heck, they won’t spend their money even on a $500 package. I’ve been to several of these programs. Well thought off but lack the main ingredient: alluringly persuasive product and marketing message. The alluringly persuasive creativity comes from the mindset. It all goes back to the mindset.

As Coleen and Hakan shared above, my strongest suit is the mindset. 100% of my success in business is coming from constantly fine tuning my business strategies and my mindset. As a result what I offer is – quick to implement strategies and tactics that make a huge difference right away and make you money on a shoestring budget and without sounding fake or just like everybody else.

Do you want to SELL, SELL, SELL Your Products and Services Without Sounding Just Like Everybody Else or Fake, Without Spending more TIME, ENERGY or MONEY to Make It Happen


So if someone tells you that you can make loads of money without any work or effort involved, I’d personally advice you to not sign up with them, The only way you won’t put in work in your business is when you create programs and run them on autopilot. And even then – if you want good results, you’ll need to do marketing and that takes up either time or money or both.

If you’re looking for step-by-step easy to implement ways to find high paying clients, monetize your talent and bring in double, triple or quadruple income, I encourage you to take a close look at

The 7 Figure Success Magnifier

I’m going to hold your hand and show you in detail how to get started using my proven, simple and easy to implement techniques that will help you turn complete strangers into interested prospects and interested prospects into high paying clients.

As soon as you learn the time-tested tactics and strategies, you will know how to check the pulse of your audience and watch happily when a single post, a single teleclass or a webinar, a single status update can drive thousands of visitors, hundreds of likes and shares, and most importantly: abundant number of sales in less than 24 hours from the start of your campaign.

My system is the easiest, fastest, and the least expensive way to get BIG 6-Figure years, and hey, why not – 6-Figure months. Watch out for module 9 to get the know-how for a 6-Figure months and a FAST-TRACK to a 7-Figure year.

A million dollar advise I got from one seminar was: When things are not going great, entrepreneurs make the BIGGEST mistake there is. And that mistake is: they think that buying a new tool, a new software, a trendy service, or creating sexier logo will get the clients coming to them. Wrong. It’s your message that makes a difference. I even made a test.

Andy Jenkins, one of my copyright mentors, says that it doesn’t matter how good or bad your website looks like, if your copy is awesome, you’ll get a TON OF SALES. So, my Online Success Notes website quite frankly – looks terrible. Some of the pages and some of the Success Notes items need serious work. But the copy is so good that I get regular sales even without any marketing. What you already HAVE is ENOUGH to make BIG money with your advice.

In fact, alluringly authentic products and marketing messages are the QUICKEST and BEST way to: 

  • Turn what you know into a product or a program (and ADD 6-figures to your income). In fact, you’ll set up your business as an ATM machine where you work less, make more without EXTRA hours and as a result CAN afford to enjoy life!

  • Share your genuine you, your experience and wisdom with the world, make a difference in people’s lives and still make BIG money

  • Turn your customers into Raving Fans and while creating a community of like-minded cool people and reach more people you can help FAST

  • Get your time filled up with high paying clients!  Wanna have a full schedule with private clients? Wanna create products and programs that sell like crazy online? Then the marketing strategies in The 7 Figure Success Magnifier is THE way to go.

  • Launch an EMPIRE of online products and programs that run and sell even when you sleep, even when you are on vacation, even when you have fun with friends and family, having completely switched off from work. Pack your wisdom and let your products earn you money while you spend your time and money just the way you want to!

  • Start with a 6-figure business set up but build it in a way so that it LEVERAGES almost on its own to 7 figures with a 7-figure mindset. The breaking point between 6-figures and 7-figures is in the set up of the business. Everyone will tell you that it’s in the mindset and they will be only half right. With the right mindset you’ll know the right set up for your business. So, basically, they key to wealth is really in how you set up of your business.

  • Live the life you’ve always dreamed of by being able to effortlessly afford to enjoy the things that life can offer and most importantly the things in life that can’t be bought with money

  • Express Your Soul’s Calling in a MEANINGFUL, FULFILLING way that gets money to come to you… INSTEAD of chasing after money and hoping to make a difference once you make it Big in your industry. (Most 6 figure systems will teach you the strategies and the tactics, and the marketing of business. But they won’t teach you the Soul of Business and you’ll end up wondering why these strategies work for the others but not for you)

But the problem is – you may have already tried to create products, to market your business. It’s not as easy as it sounds. In fact, most of the time it’s really hard to fill up your seats in your events, get people to sign up for your teleseminars, or sign up for private coaching for you and pay you the THOUSANDS you deserve.

And the worst of it all is that at the end of the day people still DON’T know about you and what you do!

To get people to notice you you’ll need to put yourself out there. If you don’t know how to make an EPIC entrance into your potential clients’ life, you might as well WASTE hundreds upon hundreds of hours (and dollars) with no results to show.

A very good product is KEY to your success. But I am sure that you already know that creating an AWESOME product or service is just the beginning. You will ALSO need to:

  • Get people to actually take interest in what you’re marketing

(if you don’t get people to read your promo messages, like them , comment on them, get interest in what you do – no matter how good your product or service is – there will be NO sales!)

  • Turn prospects into clients.

A single marketing message doesn’t win the day, even if it’s the most compelling one. It just doesn’t. I know that and I want you to know it too. When someone expresses interest in what you do, you’ll need to have a prepared path for them to go through with an UP-SELL, DOWN-SELL, continuity offer, and add on products that they can choose from.

I know that you may have gone through a lot of pre-view calls and tried to copy what seems to be the strategy of the gurus. How’s that working out for you?

You are reading this letter, aren’t you? That means that what you’ve been doing so far hasn’t worked at all or it has produced little to no results despite your HUGE investment of time and money. And let me tell you why is that:

Just the other day I had a potential client approach me with this request: I’m starting out. I don’t make any money yet but I want you to help me. And I’ll pay you when I start making money. Fantastic proposition. That person is motivated to learn, and motivated to follow my guidance BUT does not want to put HIS skin in the game.

After all – it’s his business, not mine, that he wants to grow. The key word here is: HE wants to grow HIS business. If it was my business – I would invest in me. In fact, for my own business I have spent 5 years going from a $997 to $1997 training after training so that I can proudly say that in each of the modules of this course is a WISDOM of 5 and more BIG ticket programs I have taken.

So, I asked my prospect client to think about those 3 things:

  • Do you want to charge money in your business?

If you are – why are you asking me to not charge in my business? What would you do if someone in your business asks you to work for free? – Everyone has a personal story. Your is not more important than mine. When it comes to business relationship – if you want me to deliver, you’ve for to pay for it. Do you want to actually succeed? – This is a fairly easy question. If you want to succeed – you can’t make money with nothing. Any business takes investment of time and money. Of both. There is no business that costs you nothing. If in your mind you are looking to create something out of nothing or with little to no investment – you’ll end up receiving the same – customers who want custom orders and want to pay you almost nothing, coming to you with a reason why they should not pay you while enjoying your services and products.

If you are – then you can’t ask the people who are helping you go to the NEXT level and the NEXT level in your business for less than what their program is worth. See, many entrepreneurs go with marketing tactics like: Early Bird discount. Well, I don’t. I don’t want you to discount your services and I’ll teach you how to get your FULL price paid by your clients on the spot. It has a lot to do with the feeling that you are DESERVING. I teach that in one of my unadvertised modules of the program.

  • What would you do if a client asks you to work for free in exchange of a great testimonial?

Hmm, self-worth self-worth RED alert. Don’t accept it. I wouldn’t. There’s plenty of ways to showcase your expertise and to show your wisdom and the transformation that you bring. Now, back to the client who is happy to get some information from your free calls and some learning from your articles and newsletters but is not investing with you. What happens is that they want the result, but do not take responsibility of doing what’s necessary to get to that result.

In the School of Life you don’t get the chance to copy someone else’s answers on the test because their test is not the same as your test. So, what you can do is cruise around from preview call to preview call, try and implement the free advice that is given and try to not fail the next time you put out an offer. And you can do that over and over again until one day you wake up with an A-HA moment:

What you saw in the preview call is the method – the steps that are going to take you from A to B to Z. They are NOT the transformation. The transformation comes from You going through that process and using the insights you get while going through the method to pass Your own test.

  • Ask your self this question: Do you really want to succeed?

This is a fairly easy question. If you want to succeed – you’ve got to do what it takes to make it. Any business will ask you to invest time and money.  Both. There is no business that costs you nothing. If in your mind you are looking to create something out of nothing or with little to no investment – you’ll end up receiving the same: customers who want custom orders and want to pay you almost nothing, coming to you with a reason why they should not pay you while enjoying your services and products. And no one really wants that.

The path that my clients go through when coming to me goes to another hurdle. And if you are on this page – that means that you’ve been going from free call to free call with no results or you’ve invested in BIG Ticket programs before and they did make a change in your business but they did not bring an overall transformation in your business.

One is teaching you how to do the offer, another one – the preview calls, another one – how to get people to buy your stuff, another one to make a product launch, many, MANY courses on how to change your mindset and only FEW are actually teaching you how to create a world-class products and programs that people will flock to buy, but that’s an industry problem that I am fixing right now.

  • How many Big Ticket programs does it take to get ONE business over 1 MILLION a year?

If you’ve already bought other Big Ticket programs and have tried your best to implement everything but you still don’t get good results, then one of the MAIN reasons that the tactics do not work is that you TRY to fit the various pieces of the puzzle together and create the big picture but to get ALL the pieces of the puzzle, you’ll need to go from Big Ticket program to Big Ticket program every month for 5 tears. I’ve done it and trust me, you’ve got to be REALLY motivated to learn in order to get that BIG of an investment in money, and time, and $$$$$.

11180314_852637851439650_2368723798247312947_nTo answer the question – I’ve created 9 modules, in each of them is the transformed and tested knowledge from at lest 5 Big Ticket programs ($1997). And I have 3 unadvertised, secret Success Modules, that are the result of 5 Big Ticket ($1997) programs, and 13 Soul searching, Life Purpose and Spiritual retreats. So, you do the math how much you need to spend on investments for a Million Dollar Business. I’m usually focused on Making Enough $$$$$ ABOVE what I need for Living The Life of My Dreams and it happens.

What I wanted to say is – it may take you $$$$$ each month to make a Million Dollar Business. It can take you the same amount of investment money to create a 6-figure business. Make no mistake! The principles are EXACTLY the same for a 6-figure business and a 7-figure business. The scaling is different but the principles are the same. Exactly the same.

The alternative to this: $$$$$ is ONE program which is an ENTIRE cosmos of WISDOM, Tactics and Strategies from a humongous number of Big Ticket Programs I have taken. You see, I have nailed the sequence in which you need to do things down to a T. I know EXACTLY what you need to do, HOW you need to do it and in WHAT order so that you get the YUMMY results that you want.

Plus, there are some MINOR details on how to do things – these are some fine-tuning tactics that I just can’t believe why so many entrepreneurs don’t do them. I know it and I see it, because I have the knowledge and I can tell just by observing someone’s sharing patterns on Facebook if their business is in good or bad shape.

You see, up to now you may have been in a situation where you don’t really have a choice but to STRUGGLE while trying to make money online. You’ve been offered a PIECES of the PUZZLE at a Big Ticket Price but not the ENTIRE puzzle pieced up together. So, even if you invested before in Big Ticket Programs you were not able to see the BIG PICTURE of a successful soulful business.

A Successful Soulful Business where you:

  • Share your soul’s gifts as part of your core purpose to create a business when prospects CALL You and PARTICIPATE In your marketing campaigns

  • Create an EMPIRE of WORLD-CLASS products and programs that is so spot on that your perfect clients jump to say “YES, I WANT It” (without using manipulations, sales tricks, or chasing them to buy from you)

  • Teach and Educate in your MARKETING Materials so masterfully that your ideal clients resonate with what you’re saying and WANT to spend their money on Your products and programs.

  • Help your ideal market say Yes to your offers and not linger on your fee calls with a “maybe now”, “maybe later”

  • Get your hands dirty with some kick-ass copywriting that makes YOUR own heart jump at what you are creating as marketing materials

  • The key to the honey pot where Big Ticket Upsell Programs catapult your business from Zeto to a Million Dollar Income in no time

  • A nice little (not really) bundle of  ALL-IN-ONE-PLACE system so you can TRANSFORM the look and feel of your business and the RESULTS you get from doing what you love. (Not to mention the thrill of surrounding yourself with positive people just like you to share the fun with!)

It is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY that you get ALL the pieces of the puzzle in one place, one program, because if you don’t then your chances of a BIG 6-figure payday are getting slim to none.

What you are about to get is my WHOLE, Tested and Proven System on how to create a 6-figure and a 7-figure (read what’s in it for you in Module 9 to get the full scoop of how to get from Zero to Million in a year) business around your PASSION, your SOUL’s Purpose, your Life simply by creating and marketing world-class products and services, using what you already know: your own wisdom and your experience in life (and how you can enjoy connecting with other people on a heart-to-heart level, helping them, growing your community of like-minded people, sharing your knowledge to the world while you run your 6-figure business! … I never said that there are no side-effects to running a soul-full business 😉 )

Tsvetanka is a clear and focused strategist. She can hear the message of what you want beyond the words you are using to describing and extracts the most salient pieces of your vision. With her, you are able to connect these pieces and see an idea come to fruition.

6 Figure Business Launch Success System

The 7 Figure Success Magnifier

THE TIME IS NOW to package your genius and set up a Million Dollar Business online! Set up a Million Dollar Business with World-Class Products and Services! And Make A Difference In People’s Lives ALL Around the World…While Being Genuinely You

You’ll be blows away by my 8-MODULE program with TRIED AND TESTED strategies, tactics, exercises, fill-in-the-blanks templates, in which I’m teaching you step-by-step EXACTLY how to create something of TREMENDOUS VALUE for your ideal clients, CASH IN on selling it online, create MULTIPLE streams of income while you’re at it and move towards the life of your dreams … RIGHT NOW. In this very moment! No time to lose, no time to wait. YOU deserve all the good that life has to offer NOW!

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or you’re already seasoned in the business of putting yourself out there and charging for your advice, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised at the simplicity and elegance of my strategies and you’ll discover how much fun it is to connect with people and market what you’ve created. You just need to enroll into the program, follow the steps, do the exercises, trust the process and LOVE your business. It’s that simple and the good news is that everything is in your hands. Your success is in your hands. And you can do it!

Here’s SOME of the things you will learn about when you get your hands on the The 7 Figure Success Magnifier (and there are more to come: a TOP secret set of Success Modules you will get delivered to you but only if you are in the program):

Module 1 : Your Billion Dollar Gift to The World


You can’t really put a monetary value to the GIFT you have for the world but if you could, it should be a BILLION Dollar Value, not a Million Dollar One. My students come to me with the idea that if they could have a million dollar idea it would be fantastic.

They would make a million and be happy. See, you CAN make a million with pretty much a lot of ideas. But a million will not make you fulfilled and happy that you made a HUGE difference in other people’s lives.

Wayne Dyer, one of the great spiritual leaders of our time, a person whose teachings have changed the lives of many, including MINE, has a simple GIFT to the WORLD: Love. The way he expresses it made him millions but this is not the IMPACT that he had on the world. His impact on the world in VALUE was so much BIGGER.

And I’d like to share with you my GIFT to the world: The Joy of Life. And you have no idea how RICH that knowledge makes me. When YOU know your GIFT to the world you will:

  • NEVER be wrong in what you do as a business.

Sharing your GIFT to the world is your soul’s purpose. It may not the the ONLY one and that’s ok. As long as you share your GIFT you are Soul Driven and that makes the connections with others more fulfilling, the life situations more real, even the colors around you are brighter and more noticeable. You are ALIVE and your business when you share your GIFT with the world becomes ALIVE! And trust me, this is a WONDERFUL place to be!

  • The the Whole Universe align itself to help you get that message that you have in your HEART out into the world.

Hint – get prepared for SERENDIPITY. You’ll wake up at exactly the time you need to in order to do something important, Traffic lights will cooperate with you to get you to where you need to go, travel plans will go south so that you go to the place where you need to be and not the one where your soul had nothing to find.

  • Know EXACTLY why you haven’t been able to make a lot of money, what the PULL OF MONEY is and how to escape it without sacrificing your INCOME:  your Million Dollar Income.

Spiritual and broke don’t go hand in hand. And also – wanting to get rich selling spiritual stuff doesn’t go hand in hand with soulfully rich living. There is a middle ground, a proper mindset and I’ll show you what that is.

  • Create a WORLD-CLASS BUSINESS or businesses following the GIFT of your Soul and “hook” up your ideal clients on your GIVING.

Without the expression of your GIFT to the world in your business,  you risk the success of your entire business. (Plus when you harness the power of creation in your business, you’re expressing your UNIQUENESS and that is one of the most powerful hooks for your market to go to YOU and not your competition)

Module 2 : Your DIVINELY Guided Signature System

Your Signature System is like an expenDSC_0139-1024x678sive suit. Many, way too many entrepreneurs show of with how expensive is the suit (understand here – showing off with their purse, and the designer clothes, with the expensive vacations and the first-class tickets) which is sad.

When you are in business YOU are the face of your brand. And when you advertise the get-set life there’s one little problem: if what you’re offering is not SPECIAL, is just like what everyone else is offering, you won’t get the sale.

Besides do you really want to associate yourself with coaches and mentors who are selling you on the rich lifestyle? See, envy and money as a goal are very low on vibrational level and don’t go well with the high frequency of the vibration of joy and creativity and abundance.

In other words – those why try to sell you on the lifestyle want to teach you how to sell – no matter if what you are selling is good or bad, they just want to turn you into a sales pitch person. Where’s the sou
l in that?

What you want is someone who will come up to you and tell you: I buy expensive suits. They just look cheap on me. (Warren Buffet). This is the kind of person you want to associate with and the kind of person you want to become. Your lifestyle may be cheap or expensive – this is a lifestyle choice. I personally choose cozy over looking expensive when it comes to houses (I’ve bought a few as an investment) every time, but that’s my preference.

If you don’t need to resort to having an expensive lifestyle as your selling point, guess what: you’ve got to have a killer product that delivers AWESOME results. And you’ll need to be on a higher: creative vibration, in order to create that world-class product. THIS is what we’ll CREATE in this module: your TRULY yours and inspiringly UNIQUE system to bring transformation while you express your gift to the world.

I feel a great connection with Sue. Since we started our coaching sessions, I felt rigth from the beginning her capacity tolisten and interact with her client without judgement. Sue is someone who cares, consistent, proffesional and supportive. I am greatful to Sue for her capacity to engage with her client and her guidance. Pedro Ramirez. Montreal, Canada

The lifestyle you choose as a result of delivering something SPECIAL to the world is totally up to you! I like to explore the world and experience different things: from jungle trekking in Thailand, to desert island barbecue in Maldives, to balloon ride in Cappadocia, to yachting in Amalfi and Capri, to watching the sunset in Santorini, to teaching English to Buddhist monks and living in a simple nepalese house.

See, these are the things that make my soul go alive. Yours may lighten up when you get to be on your kid’s school activities, or be the chef at a cute little restaurant that you own and LOVE, walk through the door of your own home, be on a date with the man of your dreams…

For all of this you’ll need to create a hot, steamy signature system – something you’ll be known for and something your ideal clients will pay premium to get to learn it from you. And in this module you will learn and master:

  • Package your wisdom, knowledge and life experiences into a model, a framework and a system and make it very easy for others to understand your process and follow it. (This is the key to you making millions with your knowledge. This step of this module alone is worth your entire program tuition in value and potential for results in your business!)

  • Easily and effortlessly describe what you do in such a simple and sincere way that your ideal market can’t help but to say YES to you on the spot 

  • Organize your genius into products and programs your ideal clients actually want to buy. You will learn so many delivery models that it’s going to be as easy as adding items in your shopping card while in the grocery store. You’ll just add what you want, mix the different delivery models and be uniquely you

  • Develop and automate a plan to nurture relationships with potential clients during the entire the year, creating levels of communication for the different levels of interest in your business and end up with always new people coming in to your door
  • Create a portfolio of packages which showcase your brilliance, appeal to your ideal clients and serve them on so many levels so that you can make a difference in more people’s lives  ..  and easily generate income from a variety of sources. No more time for money. Hello scaling!

Module 3: Your ALLURINGLY Persuasive Offers


This is my favorite model. Offering something for sale and selling it is 100% psychology. And I should know that – I am a psychologist.  Here you will get to learn and master my STEP-BY-STEP formula for crafting YOUR OFFERS, Your CALL TO ACTIONs, Your EARLY BIRDs, LAST CALLs, BUY NOWs. I’ll make sure that you learn and use the right lingo for BIG pay-day results from your offers.

If you don’t have a STRONG call to action using words that make people want to buy your stuff on a subconscious level, it won’t matter how good is your program or how catchy and educational and interesting are your marketing materials and your promotions. Get this ONE step wrong and your entire marketing campaign is a toast.  This is a KEY PIECE OF THE PUZZLE.

Have you ever bought a 10 000 piece puzzle, spent weeks to get assembled only to notice that there’s ONE piece missing and now you can’t hang the finished puzzle with pride on your wall. Heck, you can’t do anything with it. Yet, you spent so much time on it… It’s exactly the same with your persuasive offers. They’ve got to be ALLURING. And here’s what you’ll learn about ALLURING persuasive offers in this module:

  • Discover the Coolest Most POWERFUL Useful NLP techniques to in your copy, marketing materials, email campaigns, sales pages so that your prospects say: Yes, I want that.

  • Discover the Closely Guarded Mindset Secrets of TOP Sales performance (and learn to sell-sell-sell but with class)

  • Get rid of the beliefs and attitude that are sabotaging your income

  • Learn what is the difference between courting and seduction in marketing, why adding people on your list without making sure that they’ve expresses explicit interest in what you’re offering and what to do instead

  • Find out the answer to the question: Why aren’t people buying from me? and what you can do to get your ideal clients to buy from you

Module 4: Your COPY That Tells, Sells, and Compells


When you provide something of VALUE you should get people to PAY FOR IT by spicing up your marketing with POWER words.  When you sell world-class products what you need is world-class marketing tactics to flirt with your potential client’s desire to make a lasting change in their life. I’ve spend a few years learning copy-writing from the best in the industry, I even created a side copywriting business that I love.

I haven’t discovered the hot water like many gurus claim they did. I learned from the BEST and what I have now is a SYSTEM of copywriting tricks BROKEN DOWN into easy to follow guidelines that make a BIG difference in how your ideal clients find you, engage with you and buy from you.

You’ll need good copy in everything you put out there and you’ll need to have a consistent UNIQUE VOICE that makes you You and that includes:

  • The UNEXPECTED shift from “No one buys my product” to “I can’t handle that many sales” that will make everything you write from sales letter to an “About me” page, to a blog post INSTANTLY VALUABLE

  • How to convert skeptical visitors into raving fans almost instantly . (Yes, it takes a sentence or get prospects hooked up on your every word.)

  • How to sell without selling, solve problems with your copy without solving them completely and leaving ROOM for the prospect to WANT your solution and DISARM their objectives and  ENGAGE them into your buying process (in other words get your prospects to love buying from you)

  • How to SKIP the hard work in writing a killer marketing and sales copy and overnight get world-class wealth-generating marketing materials

  • Finally figure it out how people who have never even heard of you before open up to you and invest in your products and programs

This module is CRUCIAL for you if you  THOUGHT that your products will sell themselves but they DIDN’T. Or you thought that if you just create something GREAT and everything else will fall into place. But it DIDN’T.

PLUS you’re going to get my Powerful Sales Letters That Sell To Anyone Any Time Guide. (A lifesaver when you want to launch BIG Ticket programs when no one knows about you YET).

Module 5: Sell-Out  Your Programs


If you already have a product, a service, a program and they are not selling out then this module is your reason to sign up for the entire program. There’s myriad of things to learn. One of the core concepts is: Your enthusiasm for what you offer may not be same as the enthusiasm of your prospect. If your tangible results are not so tangible for the would be client, then they will simply not pull out their credit card and will not buy from you.

If you are reading this – you probably know what I’m talking about. You’re probably passionate about your Thing and at the same time frustrated that people don’t flock to your web page, or your store to buy.

What you will master in this course is:

  • Master the buyer psychology to Sell-Out Your Programs, Services and Products online like a hot Easter bread

  • Create a movement, not a hype, but a meaningful, engaging connection with your ideal market and transforming interest into SALES, the classy way

  • Launch your course, program, service using my step-by-step system with the many fill in the blanks templates in such a way so that you sell it out

  • Successfully monetize your AWESOME content and get your message out in a financially and emotionally rewarding way

  • Take your prospects to a place where they can imagine themselves in the results of your program, service or product. Turn your vision into real results on a dime

  • Discover the strategies which move your prospects one by one from: “This looks good but it’s not for me, not now” to “I must have it NOW. This is exactly what I need!”

  • Finally feel what does that look like to have a room full of people who want to hear what you have to say

  • Discover first hand that when you follow a structured and tested sales conversion process you can expect predictable results.

  • Experience the satisfaction when you gradually put your prospects in a best position to give a big “Yes!” to your offer and pay in full with pleasure

 My prospect client is now officially my new second paying client. Not only that, I managed to convince her to pay me the amount I offered her. She said she cannot really afford it, but she really needs help on this. We agreed that she will pay me half now and half on July 20th. She even wanted to start on July 20th and I offered her to start tomorrow and she agreed. Youpi, I did it! I really did it! Amazing! She even gave me some feedback and she said that what she didn't like is that on the calls I was using "hard sell" and she almost was going to refuse me because I gave her only 24 hours to give me an answer. I thanked her for the feedback because I am very glad she told me that because next time I will learn a better way of doing these calls. That was a learning lesson for me. Wow, I did it! I still can't believe it. Pinch me!

Module 6: Pricing and Charging like a Pro


Let me let you in on a little secret. If you want to make money – you won’t make money. If you want to make 6-figures, you won’t make 6-figures. If you want to make 7-figures, you won’t make 7-figures.

If you wan’t to charge what you’re worth the money faucet will not open for you. Do you want to know why? 

It’s very simple. Even the Law of Attraction can explain it pretty well. If you think that you constantly DESERVE more than you get,  as so many entrepreneurs are spending their entire marketing to convince you to feel that way, then you are operating from a scarcity mentality which only brings more scarcity. Like, literally brings scarcity of money.  don’t deserve whatever we want (including other people’s money) just because we feel good about ourselves.

In this module  we will have a hard look at the truth. And the truth is that what you do for a price is invaluable to your client. It transforms their entire life. When you help your clients to life a healthy lifestyle, to give up on bad habits, are healed emotionally, physically, spiritually, patch up their marriage, learn to talk to their kids, find their soulmates, etc. etc., what you do is: you help them achieve something that they might have never achieved on their own.

Can you put a price tag on all of that? Yes, you can if you don’t do these mistakes:

  • When you know in your heart of hearts that you are WORTHY of having your needs met, then pricing your products, services and programs is NOT the result of how big or how low is your self-worth.

  • Discover that feeling good about yourself does not make you entitled or deserving of whatever you want, including other people’s money. Clients pay you for the value they get from your service, product or program. And disconnecting your self-worth from the price you charge for your talents and from the value your client wants to receive from you is the KEY actually turning on the money faucet in your business.

  • Your personal self-worth is NOT measured by the money you make, the money you charge or the money you spend on exotic vacations.


Module 7: Selling Strategies or How to Tripple Your Conversion Rates

images (4)

The most heavily guarded secrets on EXACTLY how the big guns TRIPLE sales after each preview call.

Newbies don’t know this. Heck, even a lot of veterans miss the boat and leave thousands of dollars behind on the conference line.

You’ll discover EXACTLY what to do to MAXIMIZE CONVERSION from your free preview call and webinar. (You may even shock yourself with your results!)

  • Discover if you are ready for high-end clients (you may want high-paying clients but being ready for them is an entirely different animal)
  • Find out why High-Paying Clients are not choosing you (and what to do about it)

Module 8: Super Effective UPSELLING Strategies


The most heavily guarded secrets on EXACTLY how the big guns TRIPLE sales after each preview call.

Newbies don’t know this. Heck, even a lot of veterans miss the boat and leave thousands of dollars behind on the conference line.

You’ll discover EXACTLY what to do to MAXIMIZE CONVERSION from your free preview call and webinar. (You may even shock yourself with your results!)

Exactly what you need to do (and when) to see your sales skyrocket after your preview call or webinar so you can really get your work out in the world …where you know it should be!
Creative ways to give away a ton of value but have it cost you very little.
You’ll also get the answer to my most POPULAR question – How do I price my packages for massive sales? (The answer ISN’T what you think – prepare to be amazed!)
My step-by-step formula to convert 100% of exactly the RIGHT PEOPLE into your offering
My very specific marketing formula that has tripled sales every time I’ve done a teleseminar launch.

PLUS you’ll get Sample Checklists, Timelines and Launch Strategy to make it super easy to put your own launch together.

BONUS Module 9: The Million Dollar Business Strategies 

12140792_878874998866372_7376933347330033208_n (1)The afterglow! Proven strategies for keeping the sales you’ve made and (also critical), for turning them into HIGH-TICKET BACK-END UPSELLS!Whether it’s VIP 1-on-1 days or intimate small group coaching sessions, you’ll learn the tricks for immediate upsells from your teleseminar and webinar participants.

Hands down these strategies will provide you with the easiest income generators available in your business. (My students using these strategies routinely report adding between $20,000 and $200,000 to their income that same year. I see these success stories daily. Why not you, too?)

When to offer the upsell…and when you SHOULDN’T offer it
Two kinds of upsells you need to start using right away! The Immediate Automated Upsell and the Best Next Move Upsell. Complete samples and templates provided for both so you can plug and play!What upsell should you offer?
You’ll learn my secret for deciding the best upsell to serve both you and your clients. I will give you my template and strategy for bringing the most super-qualified prospects onto one-on-one calls with you so you can offer them your high-ticket upsell programs intimately and respectfully.
How to create high-ticket upsells with no additional hassle, next to no additional cost, no additional web design, sales page …nada. Just great strategies to convert clients into high-ticket services where you can provide an even deeper level of care, service and training for them.
Tsvetanka aka Sue is an amazing listening. She is an uncanny ability to listen to your thoughts and sum them up in a very profound way. As I begin a new journey in my life she has really helped me solidify my plan and move forward. I've also asked her to work with one of my sales representatives and I can already see him becoming more accountable to himself.
6 Figure Business Launch Success System

Tsvetanka Petrova is a wonderful life coach and friend. She uses a variety of powerful tools and connects with you at a deep personal level. I truly recommend working with her as I admire her gifts and her passion for helping others.


Act Now . . . & Get These FREE



BONUS #1 – Personal Mantra Creation Coaching Session (value $597)

What do mantras have to do with11017542_813114668775739_6429505823296414300_n creating a business? Do they have anything to do with finding clients and attracting money? Ok, let me tell you something personal. The 7 Figure Success Magnifier is my baby.

It took me 3 years to perfect it and the reason it took me so long even though I’ve had the business know-how on the first year is: focusing on the material, focusing on making money is the same as focusing on lack. And do you know what happens according to the Law of Attraction when you focus on lacking… You get more of it. For me – doing business, creating stuff is a spiritual experience.

Yes, I do it for the money (I am no charity), and yes, I like it very much when I receive good reviews from my customers and thank you letters (who doesn’t like to be praised). But most of all – I do it for myself. By helping others I create good karma for myself. By taking me 3 years to perfect and create this program, I took the time to set it up in such a way so that it focuses on: creating abundance. If you’ve been to other programs which teach you how to make six figures and then you come to mine – you’ll see instantly that even though me might teach the same things, the approach is so different that with the same piece of advice, with the same knowledge you can either create wealth or struggle with poverty (literally or in your mindset and behavior).


…What does all of this has to do with mantras and why on Earth would you want that. As I said – for me business is a spiritual journey. The more I teach others, the more I learn from them and my soul grows through that experience. You can’t put a price on that. Each contact with another human being is a sacred contract – you learn from them even if you are in a position to teach them, and they are a mirror of your inner world. Have you thought about it – it is never a coincidence what kind of people you have in your life, and it’s never a coincidence what you struggle with.


Here it comes – why affirmations are SO important for your spiritual growth, for the change in your mindset, for YOUR business. When we have an area in our life where things are not going well, it is for a reason. The reason for that is: there are erroneous thoughts in our head. They keep us stuck, unable to see why is happening what is happening from all the illusions that cloud your judgment.

These thoughts are energy and usually a very low energy. That energy we feel is somewhere in our body as ache but only if we are facing the reason why we think that way. May say – it’s the blind spot, the limiting beliefs. You can call it like that. But, the mind-body connection is very strong.

If you want to create WEALTH what you need is not just a 6-figure a year (…why not 6-figures a month) business, but a business where you connect with people on a soul level and you grow your soul. With so much information and so much communication channels many people forget that the true wealth is in the genuine connection with others.

Tsvestanka Petrova (Sue) has been my peer personal business coach at ICA over the last two- month period of time. Her professionalism and commitments have always exceeded my expectation - who can expect that someone will give you a call all the way from Europe at 2:00 a.m. her local time just after she experienced a family emergency and still does not even mention it before you ask her about it? As a coach, one of her strengths can be found in her great listening skills. She listens to your story with a great passion, throws you adequate and challenging questions which make you aware of what the real agenda is for you. Her ability to identify the "issues" is simply amazing. Throughout the session, I have been happy with the outcome - a planning for my new business website including redefining the area of my expertise. Tsvetanka is also good at giving you a comfortable pressure so that you keep running.

In the Personal Mantra Creation Coaching Session we will do the following: we will identify where you struggle and what is the spiritual meaning of that. Then we will create your personal mantra: those sentences which will substitute the erroneous beliefs with healing ones. Then I will teach you the magic of how to get those mantras to work so that you “get it” on a cellular level. If you get something with every single cell in your body – this is your truth. And if you want to be successful in business – you’ll need to eradicate those thoughts which keep you small and stuck. And you need to replace them with thoughts that keep your vibration elevated to a manifesting level.  And you need to get those thoughts to every cell of your body. Otherwise – it won’t work. The mind-body connection is much stronger than you think..

BONUS #2 – 60 days Accountability Coaching (value $3,994)

I have now extensive experience with accountability coaching to know how it works and how to get my clients to do the work and get things done. What you’ll get is 10 or 20 min  in the morning and 10 or 20 min in the evening of either a coaching chat or a coaching call. All you have to do is show up consistently.

Get Ready to Amaze Yourself and the People You Care About With The Business That You Build, The Income That You Create and The Awesome Human Being that You Become!

In just 6012038893_886059184781862_7885028910538898914_o days, I’m going to walk you successfully though the pillars of accountability and all you have to do is – trust the process

1. Set Your Goals
2. Turn Them Into a Tangible Plan
3. Work it, Work it, Work it
4. Stick to The Plan
5. Reach the Goal…

…and to reach the goal – all you need to do is show up consistently and trust the process. Easy breezy!

The accountability calls are where the magic happens. Most of the teachers out there – they sign you up to teach you. It’s kind of like in school. The teacher comes to class, teach the class, helps you to try and understand it and at the end of the hour – tells you good buy. Who studies the material – you. Who solves the problems – you … as part of your learning curve and as part of being all knowledge-able after that class and having all you ever need to succeed…

Bottom line is – what they taught you at school is the complete opposite of what you should do in order to succeed in business. What you need is a not just a teacher who will tell you what to do and how to do it, and encourage you to do it. What you need is a coach – like the sports coaches. Someone to keep pushing you to be your best. And someone who will not leave you to stop for a long break at the middle of a marathon. And someone who will not let you feel down when things are tough. Someone who  will not let you give up.. because That coach will not give up on you even if you feel like giving up on you.

Going back to study for a complete change of career is not easy, but I was so fortunate to have Sue as my peer coach.... She volunteered which I found very admirable.... Completely professional with wonderful listening skills, she kept me focused and on track.... sometimes without me even realizing what she was up to! No question or worry was too trivial and she seems to have information, empathy,skills, passion and integrity 'On Tap'! I can honestly recommend her to anyone who needs to find direction and get focused.... Not just in business, but in life! Thank you Tsvetanka

SPECIAL BONUS #3 – 60 days in the SIGN UP CLIENTS NOW program (instant savings of  $654)

And I’m sure that everyone is advising you to package your services and sell them online as evergreen products that bring your income over and over again. That’s exactly what I do in this entire program. BUT here’s the thing.

Before you scale what you do into a Million Dollar Business, you’ve got to be able to talk to people and sign up 1-on-1 clients.

If you can’t fill up your time with one on one clients – how do you think it will be easier to will up $10,000 seats? Not at all!

Let me tell’ya. You’ve got to be able to sign up clients on the spot from your one-on-one practice before you can scale your efforts. And you’ve got to be able to do it really well.

So, here’s my treat for you. If you sign up today for the FAST TRACK program – I’ll get you on a Fast Track to signing up clients too. Deal?

6 Figure Business Launch Success System

Tsvetlnka Petrova exceeded my expectations as a startup set up coach. She was highly professional and extremely knowledgeable. When I first began receiving coaching from Tsvetlanka I really had no idea how to set up or market my business. She helped me define my goals, set up strategies and marketing plans and develope my own unique business ideas. I now feel confident that I have all the tools I need in order to not only succeed but thrive in todays economy. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is starting a business or needs help with setting up their business She is creative insightful and clever. All the fears I had about marketing are gone and I am now ready to focus on my company

To recap, here’s what you’ll get with The 7-Figure Success Magnifier System

  • 9 live  one-on-one coaching calls where I will work with you personally to break through any barriers to becoming a millionaire entrepreneur.

  • 9 training modules with guides, templates and exercise so that you know what to do every step of the way

  • Exclusive online private group where you can connect and collaborate with other AWESOME entrepreneurs just like you

  • 4 unadvertised supplementary courses which will help me get clients online, get the techy stuff out of the way, become well-known expert in an instant, tackle the what works and what doesn’t with finding high-paying clients on Facebook

Plus, I am happy to receive these FREE bonuses:

  • Personal Mantra Creation Coaching Session (value $597)

  • 60 days Accountability Coaching (value $3,994)

  • 60 days in the Sign-Up Clients Now as a reward for choosing to step up and get on the Fast Track to my business success (instant savings of $654)

6 Figure Business Launch Success System

Tsvetanka is an outstanding Business Coach who always manages to get you to the point of what really matters, in a very practical way. She is an amazing listener, and capable of helping you find, very effectively, the best solution for you. I really enjoyed being coached by Tsvetanka, and am very happy about the results I achieved thanks to her excellent professional support.


So you’re probably wondering, “What’s this going to cost me?”

Here it is plain and simple. I’m practical. And my Russian Jewish Father always taught me to consider the worst case scenario when making any decision. So I did that for you!

The 7 Figure Success Magnifier alone is easily worth $89,865 or in other words 9 modules, each jam packed with golden nudges from 5 high ticket $1997 programs.  So, how much does it cost, again? The 7 Figure Success Magnifier alone is easily worth $9,997 $4,997 for a limited number of people (and once the 50% instant discount seats are filled up – the program cost goes back to the original $9,997).

I’m not going to compare the cost of the 7 Figure Success Magnifier to the cost of regular one-on-one coaching with a business coach or point out that it is probably more expensive than any of the packages you’ve created for your clients so far.

In fact, I will strongly, very strongly advise you to consider my program: Sign-Up Clients Now before you sign up for this one for the simple reason that: You’ve got to want to make LOTS of money, you’ve got to want to CREATE high-ticket programs which provide tremendous value to your clients and CHARGE premium for it and most of all, you’ve got to be ready to step into that HIGH-TICKET market but literally stepping into a HIGH TICKET program. It could be mine, it could be someone else’s. But since I offer SO MUCH value, why not stick with me. It’s totally worth it!

I think you’re already doing the math in your head and you can see that when you follow each of the module at this exact sequence, even if you are a total newbie, have never created first-class products or high-end content and programs, you’ll only need to make 10 sales of $500 to justify your investment. And trust me, 10 sales is not that big of a deal when you know how to sell with your authentic, genuinely you offers.

Yes, even 3 to 5 sales at the $1000 – $1500 price range would justify you making an investment in monetizing your talent and freeing up your personal time to enjoy life. Really enjoy life and life it to the fullest by both making a difference in other people’s lives AND honoring yourself, your needs, your friends and family, your hobbies, your other things you are passionate about.

And let’s face it, by the time I am finished with you you will be offering packages in the $500 to $1,000 price which are each providing 10 time more in value and are selling like a hot Easter bread because of it. And that’s not even including what I’m going to teach you on turning your business into a 6-star experience for your clients where they want more and more of your products, programs and services!

But for all my on the fence future students I am happy to lay out the absolute worst case scenario.

If you think that your worst case scenario is to invest $4,997 and end up with no sales at all … you are dead wrong

When it comes to selling I feel like a queen. I can literally sell you anything. I can even see youright now thinking what you should do to come up with the monthly payment, figuring out that even with one sale at month at the beginning, with one sale at $500 price point while you are still learning, still getting to know what you should be doing , still not good at it … even with one sale a month you can make it through the program.

Don’t worry. Selling stuff is a skill I have mastered to an expert level. In my investment properties I literally get my tenants lined up before I buy the property. It’s crazy, right? I still think it’s crazy and I’m doing it for a 4th year in a roll

So, do you know what your worst case scenario is? Let me tell you. Your worst case scenario is to put out there a $5,000 or a $10,000 program, make one sale only and end up totally BOMBing it by not providing 10 time more in value and your client doesn’t come back to you for more. That my friend is your worst scenario.

EVEN if you start with the $500-$1000 price range for your first big launch and make 10-15 sales only you will STILL make more than your investment.

What’s the total loss unlucky direction for your business right now? As I like to point out: if you DON’T sign up for the 7 Figure Success Magnifier program you’ll continue to struggle selling little to nothing on your offers. When you DO sign up – your sales results will still depend on you but when you are prepared to create first-class products, world-class marketing campaigns and super star sales results the money will follow!

​Plus, when you think about it, the easy installment plan is a pretty good option. Especially if you are strapped for cash right now (Don’t tell anyone I told you this but with each of the modules you can easily add $10,000 to your monthly income. I am that confident that what I have packaged is the road map to a 7 figure business, that I am also giving you the option to freeze your stay in this program for up to 2 times, each up to 3 months if for any reason your are strapped for cash.

See, I’m on your side here. I have not put so much effort in creating this program to make money off of. I do what I do because I’m really good at it. For you – it may take a bit longer to climb up to my level and that is ok. You don’t have to push yourself to reach the stars with a rocket launch. If you need time to get to the income of the expert level entrepreneurs – that is ok. I am here to facilitate your space for growth. And all you have to do is trust the process.

And let me ask you this: Isn’t it time you FINALLY start making REAL money in your business?

ENOUGH with the struggle to create products, find clients, make sales!

It’s time to make a change to get better results!

6 Figure Business Launch Success System

Plus you have my Unconditional Happiness Guarantee

This program is a WOW. Knowing what I have in store for you in this program, if I were me 5 years ago I would sign up for my own program on the spot and love every minute of it. You Can Enjoy The ENTIRE First Module of My 7 Figure Success Magnifier At ZERO Risk With My Unconditional Happiness Guarantee! You get to take this program for a test drive for the entire first module (either a week or a month, depending on your payment plan) to make sure you love it, that it works for you, and that you get results. Any time within the first 7 days or 30 days, depending on your payment plan, if you don’t LOVE it , you can have a full refund of every penny you paid, right on the spot!

Yes, Tsveti! I am ready to believe in myself, do what I love and be paid for it

Right now for just $4997 I understand I’m getting your entire 7 Figure Success Magnifier (value $89,865) with all:

  • 9 live  one-on-one coaching calls where I will work with you personally to break through any barriers to becoming a millionaire entrepreneur.

  • 9 training modules with guides, templates and exercise so that you know what to do every step of the way

  • Exclusive online private group where you can connect and collaborate with other AWESOME entrepreneurs just like you

  • 4 unadvertised supplementary courses which will help me get clients online, get the techy stuff out of the way, become well-known expert in an instant, tackle the what works and what doesn’t with finding high-paying clients on Facebook

     Plus, I am happy to receive these FREE bonuses:

  • Personal Mantra Creation Coaching Session (value $597)

  • 60 days Accountability Coaching (value $3,994)


SLOWLY BUT SURELY: I want to get started today for just $697 with 7 additional payments of $697 (billed 30 days apart)



FAST TRACK: I want to make 1 payment of only $4997 and get to build the life of my dreams where I make money doing what I love

PLUS, 60 days in the Sign-Up Clients Now program (instant savings of $654) as part of my FAST TRACK package

So, are you ready to get started? Reserve your spot today because your 7 figure life is waiting for you just around the corner! Waiting for you to make a decision

I am here to support you,


P.S. I invite you to sign up now so you can try this out and see for yourself what will happen in your life. There’s only one way to know for sure and that’s to take action and give it a shot. You have nothing to lose except for the unhappiness which the current state of your  business is already causing you. You are protected with my unconditional happiness guarantee. I take all the risk!

  •  All you need to do right now is to make a decision.  Follow your gut feeling. What does it say? Are you in or are you out? Are you in or are you out? Decide right now. Indecision and waiting for the better moment has got you into the situation you are in right now. This has to change! And the first step is: make a decision: it’s a Yes or No. Maybe doesn’t cut it. There is no “I have maybe money in my back account”; “I have maybe money in my wallet”. You either have it or you don’t. Decide right now and go with whatever decision you make.

  • Didn’t I tell you – the limited space available at the 50% discount price is: 25 students. I’d like to turn 25 struggling entrepreneurs into millionaires who make a difference in the world. Really, you can’t know what it feels like because you are not there yet, but the view from the top is amazing!  Needless to say – reserve your spot while you still can!

  • Remember, even if you struggle one or two of the months – I am there for you. I am making LOTS of money for the value that I bring to the table but I am not in it for the money. I am in it to support you and your business. I am here to make sure that you don’t fail! Reserve your space now.

6 Figure Business Launch Success System

Ready to reserve your spot? Or do you still have a few questions?

Why should I buy from you?

I worked with Tsvetanka Petrova at a time that I felt overwhelmed and time pressured. Having my own business, mother of three and getting a degree in coaching. She helped realign my goals and get back into the awareness that taking care of others starts with taking care of myself. I feel like time is on my side know and I am enjoying much more the process. Thank you

I will not teach you to save the world, and make a difference in other people’s lives while forgetting of your own. And I am the only one who can teach you the fine line between: too selflessly helping others and focusing primarily on the money. I have 7 successful businesses under my belt so far and I know very, very well what pitfalls not to fall into. One of them is: create a product to make a difference in people’s lives. As if that’s what will make you happy if you can’t make enough to pay the bills, pay the mortgage, pay for your kids’ school … The entrepreneurial mindset is a must if you want to survive and especially if you want to thrive in the business world. And I have that.

Let’s do some simple math while we are at it, shall we? If you want to make at least $100,000.00 a year, that will mean that your goal is to make at least $8,333.33 a month. In that scenario, my goal is to teach you how to make at least $2,000.00 a month, consistently. I want this for you not because I’m the next Mother Theresa and want to help all the world and save everyone. No. I’ll teach you to make at least $2,000.00 a month so that you can sign up for my Secret Mastermind group (which is $2,000.00 a month) at the end of the 2 months working with me.

If you have the money and I taught you how to make those money, would you need much persuasion to sign up and spend $2,000.00 a month so that you learn how to make even more money? Now, if with my 9th module I successfully teach you how to make at least $100,000.00 a month (which is totally possible), how fast will you decide to spend on my $25,000.00 fee for a one day consult with me to pick up what to do in order to get that income month after month?  And when I teach you to get that income month after month – how quickly you will want to get those income boosting fixes every 3 months just to see if there aren’t some opportunities that you are missing out on?

Let’s say I Sign Up Now, then what?

If you choose the Fast Track – as soon as you sign up and pay in full – you’ll receive access to the first module of the training program in your email.

  • Every Tuesday for 8 weeks you will receive an email with the link to the week’s training – the recording, the worksheets, the step-by-step guides and more.

  • Every Thursday for 8 weeks you will have your 30 min coaching sessions. At the beginning of the course you’ll be given the option to chose your time slot. Once you chose it – every Thursday at the same time your time to work things through will be up.

  • Every morning and every evening – at the same time, we will have a coaching chat on Skype, Viber or Whatsap. Basically – touching base with what you want to achieve during the say and checking in to see if you did what you hat to in order to progress in your business or you didn’t.

  • After the 8 weeks are over – you will receive the bonus module. The module which is worth $2,000.00 on its own. And I am most happy to share it with my best students.

Tsvetanka is a life coach who brings a very creative approach to her work, which results in greater clarity and deeper personal understanding. I would highly recommend her.

If you are not ready for the Fast Track right now, then the Slowly But Surely option is for you and here is how it works:

  • Every first Tuesday of the month for 8 months you will receive an email with the link to this month’s training – the recording, the worksheets, the step-by-step guides and more.

  • Every week of the month on Thursdays for full 8 months you will have your 45 min coaching sessions. At the beginning of the course you’ll be given the option to chose your time slot. Once you chose it – every Thursday at the same time will be your time for yourself and your business

  • After the 8 months are over – you will receive the bonus module. This is the module which is worth $2,000.00 on its own. And I am most happy to share it with my best students. By that time you should be ready to leverage what you do to make consistently more in sales while inputting less in time and effort.

Tsvetanka Petrova is truly a wonderful coach. Through our coaching, I was able to gain a greater sense of confidence in myself and my business. Our work together left me inspired and ready to take action. In addition to being an excellent resource for my business building questions, Sue was an amazing listener and had a tremendous gift of hearing the things that may have been spoken, but I was not fully aware of. Her insights always left me with a greater understanding of myself and my relationship to my work. I highly recommend Sue as a start-up, set up coach. She will move you to the point of concept to action to results!

Of course there is a third option – to not invest at all and continue doing what you have been doing up to now … By the way, how is doing what you’ve been doing so far working out for you?

Untitled2Let’s talk!

I am here to support
you in making the right decision for you and your business whatever that decision is.

Wondering if the 7 Figure Success Magnifier is for you?

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HOW do I know if this training is for me?

In order for this program to work you’ve got to put out there something that people are willing to pay money for. Entrepreneurs are very passionate, very creative

You can go from ZERO to HERO in no time if you know how to place yourself.

How will you know if you are going to graduate with success from this program? Check how many of the criteria below you are fulfilling:

  • This training is designed especially for people who express their soul’s gifts by creating a business around it. Your “job” can have many names: heart-centered entrepreneur, spiritual entrepreneur, busy mom, change agent, life coach, lightworker, fitness/yoga/pilates instructor, energy healer, writer, public speaker, health and nutrition coach, interior designer, hand-made cupcakes’ business owner, etsy shop seller, seamstress, information marketer …

  • Wanting to express your essence, wanting turn your gifts into a profitable business is NOT enough to make it in this program. You’ve got to want to make money. You’ve got to know why you want to be in business and you’ve got to want to have a business, not a “something I am doing on the side”. You’ve got to be serious. If you want a BUSINESS, I’ll teach you how to create that. But You’ve got to want it.

  • You’ve got to be willing to package what you know into products and market it. And you’ve got to follow my direction in how to market them. In this course I am showing EXACTLY what you need to do to move away from exchanging hours for dollars. And I go one step further – I show EXACTLY how to set up what you do so that you get paid for what you created months ago while you are on vacation. This happens to me all the time, as I go to vacations pretty much every month.

  • You’ve got to be willing to let go of the: “I need to do this first” mindset. You don’t need to create an awesome website before you start making money. You don’t need to sign up for a whole bunch of online tools to get hired. You don’t need to build a list in order to start getting sales. What you’ve got to be willing to do is: be genuine. That means – you’ll learn to speak from the heart and not sound like everybody else

Working with Tsvetanka helped me to become aware of some of my delusions and mistakes.She is patient, actively listening and empathic.I feel in control of my own life sense I started to work with my coach.The action steps after each session helped me to get to know myself better, to discover deeper meaning and to free from limitations, imposedbeliefs from some of the people in my life.Now I think az a emotionality free person.I came to realize that if someone doesnt love me is their choise and this does not mean that I do not deserve to be loved.she supports me to be more optimistic and create positive vision for the future.Our sessions are over the phone but I sense that her style is direct and helpful in designing action. Thank you Tsvetanka for all your support. With respect:Slavina

  • You’ve got to be willing to look for and take THAT action step which will make the biggest impact on your bottom line with the minimum effort. In this course I teach how to work smarter, do only what is necessary and …behold …. overlook anything which is going to take up your time and not bring you money. Sounds pretty straightforward and easy, right? Not so much when it comes to implementing it into your mindset and your life

Will this work for me?

Yes, it will, even if you:

  • don’t have a product

This is my favorite situation: tabula rasa. Even if you do have a product or a service – Modules 1 and 2 will be hugely beneficial to you. If you give it your best when completing these two modules your Million Dollar Business is in the making. I have tons of tools, resources and information to get you to create a world-class product. It can be a course, a book, a training material, a self-help guide. It can be anything. But if you create it right – it will bring you dividends over and over and over again.

  • have a product but it doesn’t sell

There could be a number of reasons why your product doesn’t sell. In my experience 80% of the time is: the product’s true value is not communicated or what is being sold is not what the client is going to pay money for. I’ll give you an example. A client of mine was marketing her massage services but people were not rushing in to book a massage with her. And she came to me with a request to help her get more clients.

The first thing we changed in her marketing was: what she was offering. And her offer was: to release stress and negative emotions from all the parts of the body where they tend to get stuck. As a result of only that change clients from high pressure professions started to seek her services. How to explain what you do in such a way that it inspires people to ask for more information and then buy is something we will discuss in detail in Module 3. Rest assured – if your product doesn’t sell, I’ll teach you how to sell it.

  • don’t have a list

In Module 5 we talk all about spreading the word out to the world, getting in front of as many people as possible, and doing my favorite: build genuine relationship with your audience and motivating them to buy from you. A list is something you can build up very easy. And, speaking from experience, the gold is in the list, but it’s not in the numbers on that list. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that if they only had a huge list, everything will be ok. One of the things we talk about in Module 5 is that everyone on your list is a human being, not a number and if you treat the people on your list properly, you can have big ticket sales from a tiny list of people.

  • have a tiny list

Let me give you an example with one of my other businesses. During my free time (yes, you will get to have free time when you set up your business right) I like to do intuitive readings. I use cards, I’m not a medium but I’m pretty intuitive and my clients always come back to me with: You’re spot on!  To promote my intuitive readings, I started a Facebook page with 1 like … mine 🙂 and I was posting pictures.

Won’t tell you what the picture was or what was written on it – we’ll talk about this in Module 3 of the training, but every now and then – maybe once a week, or once every two weeks, I was posting a picture. And I was getting more and more likes, comments and shares every time I posted. At about picture 5, this is what I got within 24 hours.


Clearly you don’t need to have a big list, established name in the industry or a bunch of clients to get results. What you need is laser focus on that ONE thing you need to do, and need to do it well so that you make a huge impact. Social Media can make or break your business. And I’ve seen way too many entrepreneurs waste valuable time going around in circles with the social media updates and being active in different groups .. without anything to show for. If they only knew what I know…

  • have a list of people but they are unresponsive

The strategies I teach you on how to set up your 6 figure business will help you to build a list of highly responsive fans. If you already have a list, but a cold one, where you send out information and no one is opening your messages, no one is interacting with you, no one is taking action – I have a trick or two in my  tool house for you to build a relationship with the people on your list.

Untitled2Let’s talk!

I am here to support you in making the right decision for you and your business whatever that decision is.

Wondering if the 7 Figure Success Magnifier is for you?

Schedule a call with me by clicking here

How is The 7 Figure Success Magnifier different from all the other millionaire mindset and entrepreneurial success courses?

That is a very good question and I am glad you asked! The answer to how clever marketing and sales strategies are what will catapult your income from couple of hundred dollars to a million dollar business is in Module 9. But before you get to that module – in between the modules there are other, unadvertised modules. Unlike many other courses, this one does not have piles of information you can bury yourself under, get overwhelmed and end up not implementing anything. Besides those 9 modules, there are a few unadvertised ones because I know that you need two types of ingredients to succeed in business:

  • You need the success ingredients – I’ve described in detail the different modules of this course. All of them make a recipe for success.

  • You also need to know what pitfalls to avoid – I’ve not added those 3 modules in the main modules. Depending on where you are in your business, you will receive them in a different order. Needless to say, these 3 additional modules are what I would call: the magic formula

Tsvetanka is a great coach with an amazingly broad base of knowledge that enables her to bring meaning into any conversation. I have enjoyed the depth of the dialogues as well as the practical nature of the solutions. Tsvetanka listens acutely and asks very effective questions; interactions with her challenged me to reflect far beyond the topics at hand thus opening different levels of interpretation. I also appreciated her flexibility to fit the sessions into my schedule despite the time differences. Piotr Grzywacz, Tokyo.

How would I know if this really works? 

You are already at the bottom of this page devouring every single word in it, aren’t you? Joke aside, my system is pretty easy. All you need to do is what you’re doing, how you need to do it and the most important part is: To DO It. If you don’t take ACTION from what I teach you – you won’t have the results. Simple as that.

And unlike other courses – I have a fail safe plan in place to get you on my Wall with Testimonials from Happy Clients (See how being selfish is actually helping you?). And that fail safe is: accountability coaching. I do it for years for my clients and I can positively say that this is what gets them to do the work they need to do in order to get the results they want to get.

Tsvetanka Petrova (aka Sue) provided a 15 minute laser coaching session for me in a Supervised Coach class. She was attentive and committed throughout the session. I achieved my goal of being more disciplined about eating in the middle of the day. Sue volunteered to send me an email reminder every day for 7 days. She kept her commitment which is something that I value.

I want to know about Website Creation, Facebook Marketing, Teleclass and Webinar creation and marketing. Does your program teach that? 

Yes it does. As I said, I’ve got you FULLY covered. Anything you’ll ever need to create a Million Dollar Income is right here – in this program. I’m covering NEW strategies that are tested and are working NOW.  I’m so glad you asked! I’ll be covering BRAND NEW material on what’s working NOW with getting affiliates on board and promoting you. On top of learning proven strategies, you’re ALSO going to get samples of the EXACT copy I use to entice affiliates and get them to promote.

How will I know if this really works? 

There’s few things you need to do to make this program work for you and make it from ZERO to HERO in no time.

  • You’ve got to do the work


If you come to this program with the idea that you’ll cruise through it, you’ll get the knowledge and somehow this will materialize into a million into your bank account, you’re in for a rude awakening. You’ve got to work the program. I mean,  do stuff, implement, get the ball rolling, gain the momentum.

Imagine that you want to keep a herb harden on your balcony so that you have fresh parsley, lavender, rosemary, mind, etc. Imagine that you get a tutorial – step by step, how to grow those herbs, but you don’t put the seeds into the ground, or you don’t water the pots, or you put too many seeds on one place and the pot is overcrowded with seeds and as a result none of them grows….

It’s exactly the same with this program. You’ve got to WORK IT to make it work.

  • You’ve got to not expect miracles


What I mean by that is – this program  has A LOT to teach you. It will literally cover you on all fronts of establishing a consulting, information marketing, online business.  BUT this program has also limitations.

Those limitations come with you. In some of the modules you will not excel simply because they are not your thing. And that is totally ok.

In this program I will teach you everything you NEED to know in order to succeed.

Once you graduate you have three options:

Option 1: Re-do the program so that you go to the next level of learning where you don’t just practice the basics but practice the advanced stuff and start fine-tuning your business on the frequency of success.

Option 2: When you graduate you’ll know pretty well what you are really good at. If you chose to do only what you excel at, you’ll only need to hire people to do the things you are not good at on your behalf.

Option 3: The things that you are really not good at, what will you do about them? There are many courses out there which will teach you each of the modules as a separate $1997 program. Feel free to go to a very niched specialist to help you with something very specific that you want to master. Or you can work with me one-on-one to get it mastered. Totally up to you.

  • You’ve got to show up even if you are not ready


I’ll let you in on a little secret. Have you wondered why 200 people sign up for a program and only 5-10 end up with WOW results that the coach is publishing on their site? Well, I’ll tell you a secret. The problem is not in the training. And it’s not in the student. The problem is in the vibrational level that the student is in that messes the whole thing up.

You’ve got to master the vibrational impulse that you send out into the world. You’ve got to master the way you think about things, the way you look at things, the way you feel about things. During our coaching sessions keep an open mind, do the exercises, be ready to do whatever it takes – even if it’s as strange as setting the intention of the water before you drink it.

We ARE energy and if we do not GET what we want in life it’s because our energy level is on the low. Yes, you might want high end clients but – do you complain about the service you receive in the restaurant, let’s say? Do you go for the “good price” instead of the “good value”? Do you allow time for yourself, for fun and joy? See, some things look so small – but they are not. They SEND a MASSIVE message to the world with the type of FEEDBACK you want to receive. If you don’t get what you want, there is a reason for that and it’s most likely on a vibrational level.

That is what 99% of the online programs don’t have for their students and that’s why 99% of the time you end up attending program after program in the hope of a miracle…


6 Figure Business Launch Success System

Tsvetanka Petrova is the founder of and Her Mission In Life is to Teach You The Most Valuable Skill You’ll Ever Need To Succeed In Life:How To Make More Money Being Your Own Boss Every Day. If Your Business Is NOT Making You ENOUGH Money Then You Need Me URGENTLY

Even more client feedback:  



I am proud to have Tsvetanka as a core connection. I have known her on LinkedIn for a few months and she has gone out of her way to answer questions and give me feedback. Her practical suggestions got me started publishing articles. Her blog stimulates new ways of viewing my situation and is a welcome read. I would have no hesitation recommending Tsvetanka as a coach.


As one of Tsventanka's trainers at ICA, I found her to be a skillful coach with a great deal of genuine warmth and caring for her clients.

6 Figure Business Launch Success System